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Owusu Ansah in grave error about tithes

Source: Brother Amartey ( featured article)

tithes1I read Owusu Ansah’s article, ” You Are Cursed if You Don’t Pay Tithes,” on Ghanaweb yesterday and was appalled at the exhibition of biblical ignorance and illiteracy. My brother, Owusu, is in very grave error regarding the tithes. He got it ALL WRONG from A to Z, and I chose to write this rejoinder to correct the multiplicity of his errors to save fellow believers from falling into the trap of this false doctrine of tithing which has been imposed upon the church, through generations of brainwashing.

As stated before, my teachers taught me tithing and I believed it. I used to preach and teach tithing and when I did, I got results. But one day, when I read Acts 17:10-11, everything changed; I began to examine the Scriptures diligently and I found out that tithing is a big lie. I have watched the manipulation of Christians through tithing and felt it is time to address this issue and that’s why I wrote the book, TITHING:Robbing and Stealing from God’s People.

This book exposes all the lies of tithing as seen in Owusu’s article, and demolishes them by the word of God, and shows the living way of giving to God’s work without the lies, the deceit, the manipulation, the curses and the coercion by many preachers today. There are six chapters in the book, viz:

1. A different kind of Tithe

2. Tithing before the Law

3. Tithing under the Law

4. Demolishing the lies of Tithing

5. The Malachi Fraud

6. The Living Way of Giving

But briefly, let me state here that Christians are not cursed if they don’t tithe. The Malachi Fraud gives the correct teaching of Malachi and shows how many preachers have misapplied these verses to scare Christians into paying tithes, just like brother Owusu has done in his article. The book explores tithing from Old Testament to New Testament and shows what tithing really was and what it was not and how it was practiced. Basically, the tithe was not money, not cash, not Cedis, Dollars, Pounds, Naira or CFA but food. It shows that many preachers today are teaching for doctrines the commandments of men and not the biblical tithing. Matthew 15:9.

The Law did not require everyone to pay tithes as Owusu asserted. Jesus did not collect tithes nor did His apostles, and the early church was supported through freewill giving and not tithing, yet the church spread from Jerusalem to the rest of the world without the tithes.

It is wrong to say that when people have financial problems, or face any problem at all, be it marital, business, job, promotion, health or whatever issue, it is because they didn’t pay tithes. That is a lie!

God does not need your money in order to bless, prosper, promote or heal you. Jesus Christ has accomplished all the blessings, power and authority we need through His redemptive work on the cross and His resurrection and we obtain all these things freely by grace through faith and not through tithing.

It is time to expose the errors of tithing and bring understanding to the redeemed of the Lord whom He has bought with His own blood. The shaming and cursing of the Lord’s people must stop ! You would know the truth and the truth shall set you free indeed. John 8:32.

There was some delay in releasing the book on 1st November, due to errors in production but the book is definitely coming out this month and anyone who wants to know the truth about tithing can request for a copy. Meanwhile, you may take a sneak preview on Smashwords here;

Brother Amartey

Contact:; @Revival4Now on Twitter

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