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The spirit of the capital finds peace.
Posted by admin on 15th May 2020

There is closure!

And Abia Suman, the spirit of the capital finds peace.

The Ga stool is one of Ghana’s most important stools in the south. Yet, for the past sixteen years, this stool has known no peace with succession. Lets shed some light on this palaver.

The reigning dynasty of the Ga State is the Tungma grand family which is comprised of four houses (three until 1964), being, Teiko Tsuru We, Amugi We, Taki Kommey We and Abola Piang (Piam) We. There has been a tradition of succession on rotational basis among these four houses.

In 1964, a year before kingmakers installed S Y Yartey of the Amugi We as Ga Mantse Nii Amugi Sorse II, the Dzaase authority had initiated the reconstitution of the Tungma We into Akropong and Adzimankese. These two were to cluster the four houses, where Teiko Tsuru and Abola Piam constituted the Akropong House and Amugi We and Tackie Kommey constituted the Adzimankese House.

Having elected a Ga Mantse from Amugi We of Adzimankese, who succeeded Nii Taki Kommey II (1948-61) of Taki Kommey We, the next candidate would obviously come from the Akropong House.

Oral tradition confirms that upon the installation of Nii Amugi, the symbolic mantle was passed to the Teiko Tsuru We, thus, signaling its turn to select the next Ga Mantse upon the exit of the then Ga Mantse.

It is public knowledge how the ensuing events after Nii Amugi’s passing cast a shadow over the erstwhile honorable stool of Ga. Courts have adjudicated. The Regional House and National Houses of Chief have had their fair bites, yet no fruitful conclusion was met.

The process:

Upon a vacancy, the immediate head of the royal house whose turn is it to nominate, raises a candidate and presents to the Ga Dzaasetse, who in turn submits engagement articles to the house of the confirmed nominee. The articles include: a pair of sandals, a piece of white cloth, an umbrella, and a waist-cloth; some bottles of drinks and an undisclosed amount. Ga Dzaasetse presents the nominee to the Osiahene (kingmakers) who then supervise his swearing in and installation.

The dispute:

One George Tackie Abia, with the backing of some elders was allegedly installed and registered as Nii Adama Latse II. He made claim of the stool initially from the Abola Piam house and later extended his claim to cite membership of the Teiko Tsuru We, who had then installed Dr. Jo Blankson as Nii Taki Tawiah III. Two other claimants followed suit. Dr. Blankson passed and his house introduced a fresh candidate, Dr. Kevin Tackie Abia.

A lasting resolution?

After several years of unending court battles, Gborbu Wulomo, accredited as the religious stool father of the Ga State established a committee under the late venerable Justice VCRAC Crabbe to bring closure to the matter. Mr. Crabbe would not live to finish this assignment but his commitee completed its work under the headship of Justice Yarley Sarkodie-Mensah.

The Committee per media reports, clarified that per oral and all other traditions consulted, it was indeed the turn of the Teiko Tsuru We to enstool a Mantse. The committee then went on to investigate the claims by Nii Latse and a new candidate, Dr. Kevin Tackie Abia.

They found that Nii Latse’s claim of being a member of Teiko Tsuru We was doubtful. He alleged to be a descendent of a brother of King Tackie Tawia by name Tackie Ago. The said Tackie Ago brought forth Nii Adama who he claims to a grandson of. This was dismissed by the the committee.

The committee established that indeed Dr. Kevin Tackie Abia was of the Teiko Tsuru lineage. His father Dr. Ebenezer Tackie of the KNUST is a fourth generation son of King Tackie Tawia (1864-1902). He was thus cleared to be prepared for installation, bearing no legitimate hindrance from the Dzaase stool.

A week ago, after emerging successfully from the Gborbu Wulomo’s Butrumwoo confinement in Nungua, Dr. Kevin Abia was installed and outdoored with the stool name Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru II.

Abia Suman Afadi, Boni ooo Bo ni!

Abia Suman, Boni Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru Ababio.

Nii, preserve Ga.


Credit: #TheDukeofGh