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Source: Chicago Police Department
More than 200,000 Chicago students participated in the 10th Annual National Day of Concern About Young People and Gun Violence. The event is part of a national campaign to raise awareness about the devastating effects gun violence has on families and communities.

Due to the unfortunate prevalence of gun violence and violence in general as a means to settle a dispute or make a personal statement, it has become necessary to establish and sustain an on-going focus on these issues in our schools, in our law enforcement response and in society as a whole. As part of a city-wide effort to end gun violence and bolster safety in schools, the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Public and Catholic Schools have joined in a cooperative effort to educate young children about gun violence through the Student Pledge Against Gun Violence Program. This initiative provides the school children of Chicago the opportunity to bring the issues of youth and gun violence to the forefront thereby fostering awareness, discussion and pro-active measures to prevent future violence. It culminates with the signing of a voluntary pledge to never bring a gun to school and never use a gun to resolve a dispute and to use their influence with friends to keep them from using guns to settle disputes.

The Chicago Police Department’s Youth Investigations Section has been designated as the coordinator for this program. Each year in October the Chicago Public and Catholic Schools are invited to participate in the city-wide initiative. When schools participate, it offers a variety of ways to have students take an active stand against youth violence through curriculum suggestions, awareness-building activities such as poster, poetry and essay contest to be used to build towards the participation in the Day of National Concern or to be used throughout the year.


  • I will never bring a gun to school:
  • I will never use a gun to settle a dispute;
  • I will use my influence with my friends to keep them from using guns to settle disputes;
  • My individual choices and actions, when multiplied by those of young people throughout the country, will make a difference.
  • Together, by honoring this pledge, we can reverse the violence and grow up in safety

CONTACT INFORMATION: YOUTH INVESTIGATIONS SECTION Detective Connie Perusich 3510 S. Michigan Avenue Phone: (312) 745-6004 Fax: (312) 745-6832

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