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Gina Mimi Love Provides Water To Her Neighbors !
Posted by admin on 8th April 2020

As Akufo-Addo’s flamboyant policy to pay three months’ water bills to the Ghana Water Company Limited and other community water suppliers for consumers, Gina Mimi Love,a Motivational Speaker,Social Reformer, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur Business Advisor and Farmer, has opened the “tap” at her house to supply water free of charges to her neighbors. Amid the novel coronavirus pandemic,handwashing,social distancing and stay-at-home directives has become necessary to help combat the deadly disease.The directive may not be fully complied with if citizens, majority who do not have access to portable water in their homes, do not get one in their immediate environment.

The Ghana Water Company Limited currently serves about 66 percent of Ghanaians and there were some uncertainty and concerns over whether consumers in other brackets would also benefit from the relief being provided by the government.

In an chat, Gina stated that initially she thought she was doing a small gesture to her neighbors so that they can also enjoy the free water promised by His Excellency , Nana Addo.Little did she realize that a platform as big and popular as Adom 106.3 FM, will take interest in her story and help inspire others to do the same. “I only wanted to inspire others by posting my small contribution to help beat Covid-19, but I’ve gotten more inspired by the outpouring of love and support from almost everywhere.A lasting thank you to Priscilla Aklorbortu at for sharing my story even before contacting me. Much love to you girl” Said Gina Mimi Love.
She hope this act of kindness will continue to brew over in our communities across every corner of the nation, even long after Covid-19 is finally defeated.

Construction of new extension to serve her neighbors

Source: Amega Bedzra Dzokoto.