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Chris Cuomo shares a key to battling coronavirus after ‘scary’ chest X-ray
Posted by admin on 7th April 2020
  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost. ( Read the Huffpost guide to coronavirus by clicking a link below) 

Chris Cuomo, who tested positive for coronavirus last week, revealed X-ray imaging of his lungs on CNN Monday and shared a key lesson for kicking the illness.

The news anchor said he endured a feverish, sleepless night Friday, unable to move for 12 hours, and intended not to return to work Monday. “I was just soaked and scared,” he said. “And then I got a call from a friend of a friend of a friend,” who is a doctor and pulmonary expert.

The doctor told him to get up, stretch his torso (despite the discomfort), and try to hold his breath for 10 seconds (although he felt unable to do so). Then the physician shared crucial advice to fight back against the disease, Cuomo said.

“He said ‘I saw your X-rays, it’s in your lungs.’ And you got the right fear and you got the wrong approach. You can’t wait it out. He said you have to fight. And not in some silly metaphorical way … You’ve got to do the things that will beat this virus. You’ve got to breathe deep when it hurts.”

“When you get a fever spike, and that hurts, he said you can’t take confidence that it’s going to go down … ‘You’ve got to layer up, you’ve got to drink, you’ve gotta take Tylenol, and you’ve gotta fight back. You’ve gotta make that fever go down any way you can.’”

Cuomo revealed that he suffers from an IgM deficiency, a rare immune disorder that makes him more susceptible to infections.

The virus is “banking on you doing nothing,” Cuomo said. “Your indolence, as the doctors call it. It wants us passive, on our backs.”

Earlier in the program, Cuomo and CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta reviewed X-rays of his lungs that showed some infiltrate, which Gupta explained was a collection of inflammatory fluid and an indicator of a respiratory infection. Still, he said Cuomo’s lungs were looking “pretty good” and he would not diagnose him with pneumonia.