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President Rawlings We Were Lied To… Ayekoo !
Posted by admin on 31st March 2020

Our parents lied to us I mean the greedy market parents who are now elders and some in politics lied big time about how you maltreated them.
Some of us were not born but we heard only the beating, and how you forced them to reduce prices of goods and seized their goods.

I was lucky to get closer to the late hon Kwabena Adjei who spoke the truth to me why you did that. From that day, I had some kind of respect towards you, because I had not experienced the truth being told me, the respect I had was not quantified.

Today I stand in salute for you. The greedy market women, the lying politician’s who portrayed you as wicked for political gains and hold demonstration against you today have witnessed this but couldn’t hold a press release to plead with the market women or traders to reduce prices of goods for the poor.

Our generation have witnessed 1983 lockdown experience. How goods have suddenly inflated and greediness popping up suddenly.. You couldn’t bear it then, so you stood to fight for the poor.

Now I understand why my grandmother said, some of them will forever love you for what you did for them. We are sorry for calling you a murderer and wicked. Today we wish you are the president. Though you will not do it the manner you did it, but we know you could deploy peoples into the market to monitor activities and this alone could have saved the poor
#Rawlings our ex president. If nothing, we uphold you for accepting the rule of law and Ghana’s constitutional rule in your regime..
May you live long..

Source : Blessing Naana Ansah – Senkyire

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