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Bartender refuses to sell alcohol to Don Little
Posted by admin on 13th March 2020

A bartender in the United States of America has been captured on video refusing to serve Ghanaian Kumawood actor Don Little an alcoholic beverage.

In the viral video on social media, the bartender said the diminutive actor looked like a minor.

In some states in the US, alcohol is only sold to people who are 21 years and above.

The actor, who did not seem surprised by the bartender’s action, tried to convince him to sell the drink to him but was instead directed to get a bottle of Coke or Pepsi from the next shop.

Don Little, who is believed to be in his early twenties, however, asked the bartender: “You don’t want to sell it for me? I don’t like Pepsi, I’m not a kid, you know.”

The bartender replied: “I know. You have the voice of an old man”.