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Raymond Archer’s 10 million dollar facility demolished under Nana Addo’s government!


Raymond Archer’s 10 million dollar facility demolished under Nana Addo’s government!

Issifu Seidu Kudus Gbeadese Quizzes…

When the Tyrant rules, the state which is suppose to guarantee the safety of her citizens rather become dangerous and a threat to their lives. When the Tyrant rules, the state which is suppose to apply the law rather abuse it and become overly lawless. When the Tyrant rules, the citizens/taxpayers rather become tolerant than the Politician/Tyrant. When the Tyrant rules, ordinary citizens become the recipients of the outcomes of the mess and excesses created out of his rulership. But the worse scenario is that the Tyrant become notoriously wicked when hypocrisy soils the conscience of men who are suppose to standup to the tyranny of the Lord Lucifer. This is the current state of Ghana.

When the Senior Minister quietly made the point that those who are suppose to rule over us should necessarily come from some regions and bear some names, maybe we were supposed to have listened to him carefully. He was just reading the scripts of what the arrangement is from the backdoor. Maybe names like mine and Mahama were meant to be hewers of wood while others rule as Kings. Or maybe I have to accept the adage that the mouth that is chewing with caution does so without talking.

The people of Ghana became politically sensitive, overly critical and conscious of every detail under the Mahama regime. The people of Ghana refused to be tolerant and became aware of their rights, that was why they won’t let anything pass without discussing it with different scenarios and settings.

Maybe John Mahama wasn’t just lucky, that was why all the problems of Ghana accumulated even before independence were strategically and conveniently heaped on him. Or maybe John Mahama was too receptive and responsible to fit into the current political narrative which creates room for excuses and blame game. I have the strong believe that if it were John Mahama at the helm of affairs in today’s Ghana, he would have been forced to resign for his own words or he would have been pelted out of office without recourse to the 1992 constitution of Ghana.

How come the Ghanaian didn’t tolerate the missing pages saga when John Mahama addressed his ECOWAS colleagues, but up until now, nobody has asked after who put together the inaugural speech of President Nana Addo which got Ghana on several comedy platforms even in the West? Nobody has taken responsibility for the stealing of those speeches and nobody got fired for disgracing the President and Ghana on his first day in office.

One of the outspoken academics (PROF STEPHEN ADDAI) who is now chewing with caution won’t understand why Dr Benjamin Kumbour from far away Upper West Region would find himself as an appointee of John Mahama from Northern Region then, because the old Prof would term that as nepotistic and tribalism. Today the old man is chopping with all his hands because he’s occupying about three juicy positions. If appointment of Hon Joyce Mogtari Bawah was such a big issue because of her relationship with John Mahama, what about the appointment of Nana Addo’s own daughter by his own father? What about the over 51 other family members of Nana Addo including his baby Mamas and direct cousins? Are some people more human than others?

Today, Nana Addo is bold to tell us that he has the right to appoint as many as over 120 ministers because he has work to do, but the Ghanaian has suddenly become too tolerant that nobody is ready to ask him what he meant by a bloated government with 87 ministers under John Mahama. When will the Ghanaian be bold to hold Nana Addo to his own words? Are we all afraid of his tyranny so much that we can’t even replay his own voice just to wake his conscience?

Today, the Ghanaian can tolerate Bryan Acheampong publicly owning up that he deployed his party militia covered as state security to shoot live bullets at taxpayers to cause some of them permanent disability. Same Minister who’s paid with our taxes can insult Justice Emile Short and his other commissioners and call their report BOGUS, yet even he Justice Emile Short will look on and smile because the Tyrant has accepted the position of Mr Bryan Acheampong.

Yesterday under Mahama, media advocates, media rights activists, so called freedom fighters all went to town to sign for the removal of Stan Dogbe because the latter in an attempt to protect the privacy of his boss (John Mahama), got a Journalist camera smashed. Today under Nana Addo, same media activists can’t find their voices to speak against the subtle introduction of the culture of silence. They’ve all lost their voices and their conscience to the dictates of the tyrant. They can’t even speak for Ahmed Suale’s poor soul. They are watching for an International, award winning Journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas to be attacked, threatened and destroyed by the likes of Ken Agyapong because to him Ken, Anas exposes corruption of his government and that is tantamount to pulling it down. Today, they are watching for the likes of the Hypocrite Manansseh to be sent on exile because he was doing quarter of what he did to John Mahama.

Today, the Ghanaian is ready to be convinced by the Nana Addo’s administration that corruption and stealing are part of the game once they can throw a few coins on the faces of the people and try to blame John Mahama for the rest of it. Yesterday, a Minister was asked to resign because she just expressed a wish privately, but the National Security Minister is still at Post even after he was caught acting in pyjamas. Even when we buy our own data to express our frustration about this government, Hon Ursula Owusu would threaten to shut down social media.

Today, the Ghanaian who is suffering of the menace of galamsey is praising Nana Addo for flying a private jet at their own expense. Nana Addo swore both at Cabinet and in the open to put his Presidency on the line if he failed in the galamsey fight. Who is asking him the right questions? Who is to pay for the grand stealing under the guise of fighting galamsey?


-900 Excavators were missing and the NDC national and regional executives and some ministers of state were fingered in this galamsey thievery.

-Three Takoradi girls were missing and the poor handling of the issue by the state.

-700 motorbikes and 400 tricycles missing. Imagine the number of folders Manansseh would have unfolded out of this especially when the CEO who rather exposed the stealing got fired instead.

-If Mahama had appointed Ibrahim Mahama as the minister of roads and highways. Just imagine the uproar and the cry of the voices of conscience on pulpits and at Sunday schools.

Maybe Mahama was too soft to handle the Ghanaian. Maybe the point that the Ghanaian need a hard-hand to submit to authority is true. Maybe the vindictiveness of Nana Addo is the best approach to get the Ghanaian working for him.

If the system will work, it will take the citizens to make it so and not the politician. Let’s act as citizens with consciences and not as those with greed and self-seeking tendencies.

I am a patriotic citizen…

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