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A Night of Worship with Victoria Sarfo

Source: Francis Boanoh

The Christian Journal, Bronx, NY – You may have been encouraged and drawn to worship by her songs. Ghana’s powerhouse vocalist Victoria Sarfo led a power and spiritual worship at Inspirational Gospel Assembly in the Bronx New York at 1122 Brooke Avenue. Excitement was in the air as the praise & worship service was under way with Minister Edna Darko with a spirited and powerful song. In her sermon, Bishop Rosemary Porbeni spoke about how fear has prevented people of faith to achieve their dreams. We should not be afraid and Put our minds together. Many reasons why so many dreams have died are because of fear. She said.

Many times we are afraid to take a step of faith especially we Africans. All the branches that are in you may it not die in Jesus name. If anybody approaches you with an idea please help. When Victoria decided to sing there were many who taught she cannot sing, but that did not deter her and now she has sing in so many countries.

Today we are here to support a dream, a woman who have achieved her dream and is helping so many dreams come true. So let’s help our neighbors, friends because we don’t know what they will become tomorrow.

I don’t speak the language but when I listen to the CD “kasa” talk to me, that album has brought inspiration, hope and faith to so many people. Brethren whatever we have identified in any one of us let’s help bring to reality. She said in her closing remarks.

Prince and Emma followed with spirited renditions of songs from various Ghanaians artist that was very powerful but yet reverent. It was the star of the night Victoria Sarfo, who took her turn delivering her powerful brands of gospel; the audience in attendance needed no help, they knew all the lyrics, and many danced in the aisles.

The Audience, with their arms stretched above their heads, with faces turned upward; worshiping God in Awe.

The rest of the night: a whirling, dancing, frenetic the audience came out in force to worship with Victoria Sarfo and the rest.

There was a fundraising which was supported by a host of ministers who were there to worship. To them it was a surprise, because they were not noted ahead of the event, but did their best.

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