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Our Mandate Will Triumph- Kamal Mustapha

The NPP is now deploying every means necessary for the EC to lean on as a reason to compile a new register

As it’s just glaring that, compiling a new voter register ahead of a national population and housing census doesn’t make sense; the statistics service is being coerced by the government to inform Ghanaians that they will not be able to carry out the population and housing census anytime soon due to logistical and financial constraints.
This is a calculated attempt to pave way fo the EC to say that it can’t wait for data from the statistical service since there’s no time on its (EC) side.

It is also a clear double standards on the part of the EC for it to now wanting to engage the Advisory committee to the EC and the Inter-party committee to deliberate on the proposed new voter register since the EC already told the whole world that it doesn’t need to consult anybody to carryout its statutory functions.
What has changed now?

The demonstrations across the length and breadth of the country by coalition of opposition parties should continue unabated. It looks like it’s the only language the Electoral Commission is ready to listen to.

Kamal Mustapha
Deputy comm Officer

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