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Fame Shame or Game-By Mawumenyo Kulioh Kulewosi

Regardless our disgust towards politicians
Regardless our love for young pretty girls
Regardless our dislike for disappointments,
at what point did the alleged “mother of three” realize that she doesnt need the old man?

How I wished this passed peacefully without the lady’s name being made public, I would have also pretended I didn’t see but alas.

Choosing to be with a man is a choice. If you dont respond to his advances he would go. But if you accept gifts from him he is bound to pursue you to get his “pound of flesh”. Take it or pick it.

We have been reading on this page day in day out. “Eue men are stingy, Crazy, Control freaks, Trumps, Hitlas, Churchill and anything that comes to the mind of some of these Eue women. But this getting out there is the most shameful thing an Eue name could be dragged through.

If you are able to tell a minister to model around in his hotel room and even ask him to do it like he did the other day. Blood of Jesus! Whose nose do you think you are cutting off to spite whose face?

If you agree to slay and make a fortune of that do it as an adult with a sense of maturity. Keep personal things personal. Put some respects on your Daddys’ names. When you act like a whore and then want to show off like an angel whom do you want to fool?

I will not pretend to know you. I will not pretend to know how you care for yourself. But I want to believe this is a personal score you want to settle with the old man which you have ended up shaming yourself in. I don’t want to touch on the security implications. If you are this cordial with him I doubt he doesn’t know you that well.

My point is if the little things are not good enough for you. If you couldnt stay where you started and you preferred your Daddy (let me assume he is not a stingy oldman) what makes you think you can get a better one? From harbouring that habbit of shaming your men with things they haven’t even thought about it appears the momentum is building up and soon these bad nuts will shame themselves.

How I wish the oldman will tell us what he has gifted her and what she was demanding next.

Greed and Slaying does not win! Hard work, Respect for one’s self and Loyalty does!

I rest my case for their insults


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