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Accra Mayor halts Old Fadama reconstruction

Source: Joy Online

Mayor of Accra, Alfred Vanderpuye has stopped the construction of structures at the Old Fadama area which was gutted by fire days ago.

The residents lost their makeshift homes together with their belongings when fire razed more than 250 homes there on Thursday.

With nowhere to go and NADMO not offering any immediate help, the residents have begun the construction of their homes.

But speaking to the media after a tour of the place, the mayor said the assembly would not allow the reconstruction until all issues regarding the fire are cleared.

According to Alfred Vanderpuye, “We have all been in this country over the years; we have always had fires here and we know that it doesn’t matter how many structures are put up today, giving the illegal connections and that prevailing there, when fire comes it destroys everything so why do we keep repeating that?”

“It has always been wooden structures…now [they] are building blocks and that is against the by-laws of the city” and due to that, he has met leaders of the area to stop the construction.

If it is not stopped, the mayor noted, the impending severe rains and floods in October will have adverse effects on residents.

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