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Our History As Recalled By Kwadwo Agyei Yeboah

When our Ancestors were attacked, both in Kemet and in Timbuktu, and they realized that it was time to retreat and run for their lives so that next generation (you and I) can be saved, they digged down the ground and buried copies of their investments.

They only barried copies of their civilizations under the ground so they may become beneficial to entire humanity one day.

Though they barried coppies underground, they carried with them the originals of whatever development or civilization they have attained at the time.

Today, both in Kemetic land and in Timbuktu, these inventions are being digged to guide modern humans in their advancements. They do so by pretending and presenting themselves as being archaeologists who only have interest in reconstructing the past. But the truth is that no one is digging to reconstructing the past or to reveal the truth to todays society. The truth is a known open secret no need to dig for it underground.

Now, if our Ancestors took the originals with them, then where are they, and how can the originals people find these ordinals to help them advance and genuinely free themselves?

They are with you today, they are in your DNA, you do not need to dig the ground for the copies, you only need to activate your consciousness and establish the lost connection with Nature and the Ancestors and you will have the originals in your possession.

Stop sleeping and you can set yourself Free.

-A message from the Ancestors.

My name is Kwadwo Agyei Yeboah and I love Africa.

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