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SVA Members Donate Food And Other Items To Inmates At Ho Leprosarium!

File Photo: Members of the SVA @ a party !

The Southern Volta Association, SVA, of metropolitan Chicago, has donated bags of rice, gallons of cocking oil, among other food items, toiletries and others to the leprosarium at Ho, in the Volta Region of Ghana.

The gesture, according to the coordinator of the donation, Mr. Donatus Kotogbor, was in fulfillment of the group’s social and charitable endeavors. Members of the SVA at a recent meeting, approved various charitable activities to benefit the needy in Chicago and Ghana. This is the first direct donation by the group to Ghana. Last year, members of the SVA volunteered at the Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) facility at Aurora, Illinois, where they bagged vitamins, soya beans, processed vegetables and rice into packs of meal. These were eventually sent to feed needy children in Ghana.

Rev. Liberty Doe of the Holy Trinity AME Zion Church, Ho, and members of the church donated the items on behalf of the SVA to the inmates. The leader of the lepers, Mr. Nelson Ativor, received the donations on behalf of the inmates. Mr. Ativor expressed his profound gratitude to members of the SVA for the timely donation. He assured that stringent measures have been put in place to ensure that all items donated benefit all the inmates. He further disclosed that the inmates, who are supported by the government with one cedi a day, undertakes activities such as art and craft and subsistence farming to augment donations they receive from organizations and other philanthropists. He concluded by asking the Lord to bless the benefactors.

In a short remark, Rev. Liberty Doe encouraged the inmates to have faith in God. “The Lord is the creator and provider of all His children’s needs. He will also heal you”, he stated. Rev. Doe expressed the hope that the donation would go a long way to help the inmates of the leprosarium and enable them experience love. In conclusion, he called on other organizations to emulate the gesture by the SVA.

Leprosy is a chronic, progressive bacterial infection caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium Leprae. It primarily affects the nerves of the extremities, the skin, the lining of the nose and the upper respiratory tract. The disease is also known as Hansen’s disease. There are about 75 inmates at the Ho leprosarium. Infected individuals experience stigma and discrimination from their own families, friends, healthcare providers and community members at large. The stigma associated with the disease makes it difficult for those healed to reintegrate into mainstream society.

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