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Breaking News :Mariam Issaka sues GNC Business Manager!

Eunice Cromwell , GNC Business Manager, Defendant. can confirm to our readers that a member of the Ghana National Council, GNC, representing the Ghana Chicago Club, Mariam Issaka, has filed a Petition in the circuit court of Cook County, Illinois, against Eunice Cromwell, Business manager of the GNC. We were reliably informed that both parties attended court session on November 14, 2019. Eunice was accompanied by the President of the GNC, Paa Kwasi Sam ; Mr. Kofi Cromwell, her husband;Reverend Dr. Kofi Noonoo, Eunice’s father and also President of the Council of Ghanaian Churches in Chicago. It was alleged that Mariam Issaka was accompanied by Maxwell Sasu Kwame Selassie Anani, an active service personnel of the US Navy and Patience Korkor Effon . Maxwell and Patience both represent the Ghanaian High Society of Chicago on the GNC. Since the case is still in litigation, we will not report the details at this time. At the appropriate time however, we will report accurately the details and outcome of the petition!

Mariam Issaka , Plaintiff

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