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GNC Provides Yet Another Free Healthcare to Ghanaian Community!

Based on the community concerns for accessible and preventive healthcare, the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago, GNC, organized yet another Health & Wellness Exposition at the premises of the Church of the Ghanaian Community of Chicago, 5500 S. Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago Illinois. So far two of such events were held in the community this year. A total of about 420 members of the community benefited from the program with the last one recording about 160 attendees.

Our observation shows that the current GNC administration, led by Paa Kwasi Sam, has impacted the community members,both young and old, than any other administration with the health and wellness exposition,the back to school programs that included career and finance counselling, dance lessons, Arts & Crafts, Creative Writing,Storytelling , Games , essay competitions and scholarships awarded to winning candidates. Moreover, the administration has made more financial gains than all past administrations put together!

A dedicated team of volunteer healthcare professionals including, doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners, discussed preventive healthcare measures and conducted wellness screenings which included medication advice, weight, BMI, Nutrition counsel, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose screenings and many others.

The church hall and rooms dedicated for the program were literally turned into a typical “neighborhood” clinic! There was a registration center, medical consultation, screening and waiting areas! The program was educational and interactive and served the purpose for preventive medicine and wellness screening.

The following organizations partnered with the GNC. They are: The Ghanaian Professionals of North America, The Church of the Ghanaian Community of Chicago, The Ghanaian Pharmacists Association, The Jemima Noonoo Foundation, The Ghanaian Council of Churches and Gold Coast Home Health Inc.

The president of the Ghana National Council. Paa Kwasi Sam, thanked the volunteers, sponsors and members of the community for making the program a success. Eunice Cromwell, Business manager of the GNC and coordinator of the program assured the community that the program is here to stay.

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