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Members of the Ghana National Council Executive Body

GNC Statement On Rumors Circulating In The Ghanaian Community Of Chicago!

The Executives of the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago, GNC, have issued a statement against audios circulating in the community  about the legendary emcee , Nana Yaw Marfo .  The executives by their action have distanced the council from those calling for the boycott of Nana Yaw Marfo.

Please read the full statement below:

It has come to the notice of the Ghana National Council (GNC) Executives that an unknown individual or individuals are circulating some audios on social media platforms asking members of the community to boycott events Nana Marfo is scheduled to emcee. The GNC would like to assure members of the Ghanaian community that it has not banned anyone and has not authorized the circulation of any audios asking people to boycott events Nana Yaw Marfo is to emcee.
The Chieftaincy council, headed by Alhajie Naa Issa Samori,  is handling the issues involving Nana Marfo and others ! In every civilized community when issues are being handled by elders , individuals don’t take the matter into their own hands and thereby undermine the efforts of the elders .
We appeal to members of the Ghanaian community to ignore such rumors and wait for the outcome of the ongoing efforts to resolve the problem.

We thank you sincerely for your understanding and patience !
Paa Kwasi Sam


Thanks Mr. President for your statement.
To address the other concerns so far expressed on this matter, I believe the President acted within the tenets of the constitution and in good faith.
My understanding of what the President is saying in his write up is more or less to reassure the community to exercise patience with the issues involving Nana Yaw Marfo to be resolved amicably.

I believe, there was a genuine attempt a week or so ago by some leaders of the Ghanaian community to address the issue.

So far the GNC have not officially taken up the matter, nor have any decision been made one way or the other, therefore , the President‘s assertion is very correct.
I fully agree with President Joseph Henry Baffoe that, we all need to tone down and let the current issues be resolved amicably.
We don’t need division in our community, when issues arise, I think it behoves on well meaning people to try to resolve it quickly and amicably, so as to maintain peace.
We need to support each other as much as possible, we are all members of one Ghanaian community.

Peaceful coexistence and support for each other should be our ultimate and collective goal, in my opinion.
Let us all strive to achieve that, no mater what. ……Steve Dei

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