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Ghana suffering from ostrich mentality – Rawlings booms at UDS
Posted by admin on 13th October 2013

Source: Joy Online

……..described himself as “an eternal servant of the people of Ghana”.

JJ Rawlings
JJ Rawlings
Former President Jerry John Rawlings has fired up Ghanaians to speak up against corruption wherever they find it.

He describes the tendency of the Ghanaians to keep quiet in the face of wrong as a plague – a “crippling ostrich mentality”.

JJ mAHAMARawlings was speaking Saturday at a Special Congregation of the University for Development Studies to confer an honorary degree on him for pioneering efforts in establishing the university.

He said there is corruption in local government and “in the heart of government” and yet Ghanaians have not “developed the capacity to admit” it.

Asking rhetorically, he said “why is our capacity to speak the truth so poor that we let wrong pass un-challenged?”

JJ RAWLINGS BURSTRawlings explained that silence is an endorsement of such “anti-developmental tendencies” such as corruption and a ‘get-rich quick’ attitude.

He said “admitting that there is a problem might expose the pathways for illegal wealth and the oppression of the people”.

“We can expose the cancer of corruption and apply heavy doses of chemotherapy to eliminate all the cancerous cells in our society and body politics”, he prescribed.

The former president continued that people are ridiculed for speaking up and that any such crusade is not easy.

Nonetheless it is necessary, he noted.

JJ RAWLINGS BURST 2“I have tried extremely hard to confront this “Ostrich mentality” by speaking-up when the problem is occurring, not after it has occurred. This is not an easy task, it is a crusade that must be embarked upon – speak up,” Rawlings ‘boomed’.

The Mahama-led government has been consistently accused of laxity in its fight against corruption. Opposition forces point to a scandalous rot at the Ghana Youth and Entrepreneurial Agency (GYEEDA).

A demonstration, staged by the Progressive Peoples’ Party (PPP) last month accused the Mahama government of little action on a report that is recommending prosecution of officials cited in a GYEEDA report for corruption. Despite a presidential directive, reports in the media suggest, no action is being seen on its implementation.

Meanwhile former President Jerry John Rawlings has described himself as “an eternal servant of the people of Ghana”.

He made this description on Saturday, October 12, 2013 while delivering an acceptance speech following conferral of an honorary degree on him at the University of Development Studies (UDS).

The honorary doctorate degree was originally scheduled to be awarded on the former president in 2000 but was called off.

Rawlings asserted he was not perturbed by the “delay”.

“My purpose for starting with this reference is that, seeking justice and speaking for it, is a long drawn-out struggle; for others, they get it on a silver platter,” he said.

“As an eternal servant of the people of Ghana, I’d like to offer a few reflections on the subject of ‘Leadership for Sustainable Development under Ghana’s Transition to Democracy’ from the point of view of a practitioner who lives and swears by the people whose interests are paramount and whose leadership is relevant,” he noted.

Former President Rawlings recounted days of the revolution saying “we did all these in a record time of 3 months”.

President John Dramani Mahama, who was present at the ceremony, was unhappy with the undue delay in the award of the degree on Ex-President Rawlings saying it was “eight years too late”.

He expressed government’s commitment to bridging the gap between the north and the south by expanding facilities at UDS.