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Ghana Armed Forces Enlingtened on the Benefits of Indoor and Outdoor Shooting Ranges
Posted by admin on 9th October 2013

On the path of enhancing the nation’s readiness and improving military skills to forestall terrorist action and war, the Ghana Armed Forces has considered a presentation on installation and construction of modern outdoor/indoor and modular armored tactical combat house shooting range.

Mr Joseph Kwadwo Hackman and Mr Walter Kudzordzi of Excel Logistics Limited and Mr Wilkerson Rodney of Action Target Incorporated from the United States made the presentations on Friday, 27 September 2013 at Burma Camp.

The presentation was aimed at educating personnel on the building of indoor firing range modified to resemble a residential environment with walls and floor fortified to safely absorb rounds fired from close range

A shooting house is a live ammunition small arms shooting range used to train military and law enforcement personnel for close contact engagement in urban combat environments. Shooting houses are designed to acquaint personnel in infiltrating structures and the methods used to overwhelm a target in the quickest and most efficient manner.

The infrastructure apart from training soldiers for various urban combat scenarios will also permit them to use their full power service weapons. The scenarios trained for include, room and apartment clearing door breaching as well as hostage or non combatant targets along enemy targets.