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Prof Awoonor cremated

Source: Daily Graphic

A solemn ceremony was held yesterday at the Lashibi Funeral Home to send home Professor Kofi Awoonor, the immediate past Chairman of the Council of State, who was killed in a crossfire in Kenya on September 21, 2013.

The strictly private cremation ceremony, held on the wishes of the late Professor, was attended by his family members, some government officials and representatives of political parties.

The ceremony, which lasted less than one hour, was interspersed with the singing of traditional dirges and hymns and poetry recital.


Libation was performed, preceded by a prayer by Rev. F.M. Amevenku and the singing of the Methodist hymn, “When Peace Like a River”.

Selections of poems authored by the late Prof. Awoonor were recited at the funeral by his family members.

Prof. Kofi Anyidoho recited “To Feed Our People”; Ms Sika Awoonor recited “The Light Is On”, while “The New Boy On the Block” was recited by Kekeli Awoonor.

“Across a New Dawn” was recited by Afetsi Awoonor, while Tenu Awoonor did “What Brought Me Here?”, with “Those Gone Ahead” recited by Kalefe Awoonor and “Up in the Garden” by Dunyo Awoonor.

“Remembrance” was recited by Sika Awoonor, while Prof. Anyidoho recited “For Ezeki”.

As part of the programme, a special tribute and ‘thank you’ speech eulogising the “Great Son” of the land was read by Ms Sika Awoonor.

A brother of the late professor, Dr Koku Awoonor, also read a special statement by the deceased.

The late Prof. Awoonor was killed in a gun attack in Kenya on Saturday, September 21, 2013.


The family, in planning the funeral of the late statesman, was guided by the declaration he had made on what should not be done on his death.

Among the declarations by the late Agbonugla of Anlo were that his remains be transferred to the funeral home at Lashibi. He also warned that the pre-burial ceremony for him should not last more than one hour.

The late professor had also declared that there should not be wailing and crying at the ceremony and also indicated a particular spot at his home town, Weta in the Volta Region, where he would have a “final and eternal rest”.

The cremation ceremony was held in fulfilment of his directive.

A national funeral will be held for him on October 11, with the final rites being done on November 9, 2013.