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Kpokpoi and Palm Soup .

Homowo exhibited with Pride, Glamour and Elegance at Jackson Park, Chicago Illinois.

Chicago, August 10 2019, Jackson Park: Members of the GaDangme Community organization of Chicago celebrated Homowo with pride, glamour and elegance at the Jackson Park, Chicago Illinois. Prior to this year’s celebrations, the organization has not celebrated Homowo over thirty-two years. According to Mr. Eddie Quartey, the first Homowo was celebrated in 1987. The celebrations continued for three more years before it came to a halt. The Homowo festival by the GaDangme Organization in conjunction with the Ghana Chicago Club jump started the most spectacular and largest Ghanaian cultural festival, Ghanafest, in the diaspora.

This year’s celebration was filled with pomp and pageantry.The durbar style festival was attended by the following, Ga-Mantse of Chicago, Nii Amarh Akonfra I; Ga-Manye Naa Ohui Amachoe Ablade I; Manye Naa Adorkor Odehe Gyamfi of Sowutoum, Accra Ghana; the Royal Court and members of the organization; ethnic chiefs and queenmothers in the Chicago area; members of the Ghanaian community and out of state visitors.The President of the Ghana National Council,Mr.PaaKwasi Sam, was represented by his Vice, Mr. Kassim Abukari whilst Rev. Dr. Kofi Nonoo represented the council of Ghanaian Churches. Nii Akonfra led the members of the organization in a procession, sprinkling the traditional kpokpoi around the park. They poured libation to pray for blessings and protection from the gods. The celebration was climaxed by merry making, dancing, drumming and socialization.

Homowo recounts the migration of the Gas and reveals their agricultural accomplishment in their new settlement in and around Accra. According to Ga oral tradition, a severe famine broke out among the people during their migration to their present day settlement. They were inspired by the famine to embark on massive food production exercises which eventually yielded bumper harvests. As a result, their hunger ended and with great joy, they “hooted at hunger”; this is the meaning of the word HOMOWO.

Nii Akonfra I, Naa Ohui I and one of the pioneers of the homowo celebrations in the 80’s , Mr. Eddie Quartey, confirmed that Homowo celebrations in Chicago will be an annual event henceforth. Mrs. Elizabeth Mills brilliantly emceed the event in Ga.

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