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The Arthur: Manasseh Azure Awuni

BOTH NPP AND NDC ARE GUILTY *Manasseh Azure Awuni writes:*

“No founding father or mother of this country would be happy to have a holiday instituted in their honour by people who are destroying the very foundation they laid for this country. The greed with which Ghana is plundered has nothing to do with the philosophy of those who went to jail and died to get independence for us. Those who sell Ghana cheaply to the Chinese and other neo-colonisers should be ashamed to speak about founders. Those who extol the virtues of our founding fathers and mothers but engage in acts that undermine everything they stood for should be seen as traitors and hypocrites who ought to be disregarded with the kind of contempt fit for greedy bandits. The Ghana which stood tall in the comity of nations at independence has been reduced to a laughing stock and we are retrogressing. Because of indescribable and insatiable greed, we have not yet figured out how to solve the basic needs of water, sanitation, power supply, healthcare and education. This is the tragedy we should work to reverse and not waste time on unproductive rituals and useless debates about the founders of our nation.”

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