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Friday Editorial Presenter Kevin Taylor Threatens Ghana with Rainof Brimstone & Fire Over the EC Boss Jean Mensah Come Election 2020

In a recent video posting by the presenter of Friday Editorial, a likely social media platform, one could see Kevin Ekow-Baidoo Taylor, raving and ranting in condemnation and bastardization of the Chair of the Ghana Electoral Commission, Mrs Jean Mensah. I wish I could find the Web, YouTube or Facebook link of this said video which was forwarded to me on my WhatsApp page, to attach to this publication for the scrutiny of the Ghana and worldwide general public.

From the video postings by, and postures of, this self-styled social critic, who indeed is excessively biased and fanatically partisan in his submissions, he could clearly be seen to incite through indoctrination, the Ghanaian public to uprise against His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his NPP government in the event of NDC of which he is affiliated, failing to regain power in December 2020.

He is using his spurious condemnations of the persons of Mrs Jean Mensah and Mr Boosman Asare, the Chair of the Electoral Commission and Deputy Electoral Commissioner respectively, to propagate his malicious agenda of goading people to revolt in case NDC failed to come to power in December 2020 after the general election.

He always wants to play smart in his video presentations by first defining or telling the public, his listeners or public viewers, the normal functions of, and the expectations of the public from the persons and institutions he attacks. He then cunningly proceeds to unveil his real intentions through insults on, and spewing lies about, the personalities he wants to pull down to advance the cause of the NDC party of which he is inextricably fanatically affiliated. I am going to outsmart him, belittle him and prove him a nonstarter in the propaganda he has embarked on in the hope of persuading Ghanaians to vote for the NDC come Election 2020 or else, they will witness deadly uprising in the country.

I am going to refer to some of the unfounded allegations he made against Mrs Jean Mensah, Messrs Bossman Asare, Mac Manu and Joseph Anokye, to prove not only his malignity towards these individuals but also, how ignorant of the laws in place he is about, and how by his apparent stupidity he can be lawfully sued for defamation of character if his victims so desire.

He questions why the NPP Government fired Mrs Charlotte Keeson Osei, the former Chair of the Electoral Commission? If Kevin has not outgrown his intelligence and does possess an iota of wisdom, he could realise that Charlotte Osei self-incriminated herself when rebutting the criminal committals alleged against her by her three deputies. She went her own way to award contracts and at costs of her choice to people without going through the Electoral Commission’s laid down procurement procedures. A contract the procurement panel agreed to award for US$7 million was later discovered to have single-handedly been awarded at the inflated cost of US$14 million by Charlotte Osei. Did she not renovate her office at a whopping sum of hundreds of thousands of Ghana Cedis without approval and the knowledge of the EC Procurement Board? Did she not say in her defence that her Deputy of Operations, Mr Amadu Sule, was accepting huge sums of money from some political parties and was transferring illegal votes at the Electoral Commission? What did she do about such illegalities being committed by her deputy when she discovered them? Nothing! What an incompetent leader and a colluding criminal she was by this simple inaction by her.

The above assertions by Charlotte Osei and her deputies clearly constitute criminal offences the committal of which in the Civilized Western Whiteman’s land, would have them by now languishing behind prison bars. Therefore, for Kevin to naively assert that the NPP got rid of Charlotte Osei because she posed a threat to them in Election 2020 proves the extent of the folly, silly partisanship and unpatriotic Kevin Taylor is.

He claims some people are interfering with the independence of the Electoral Commission but unfortunately, he had not the solid balls to name who they are but just making wild allegations meant to throw dust into people’s eyes. He went on further to question how credible is the Ghana Electoral system with Mrs Jane Mensah as its head? He questions the posture and the integrity of Jane Mensah and Bossman Asare and accused them of acting like NPP foot soldiers. He goes on to say there will be war in Ghana if the Chair of the Electoral Commission did not re-invent herself to gain the confidence of the people before the 2020 general election. He asserts on authority that what happened in Ayawaso by-election is only the tip of the iceberg, or will pale to nothing compared to what will happen in 2020 if the Electoral Commission do not change their posture? What posture and how does he expect them to act differently?

Why is he allowed to beat the war drums the way he does with impunity? He has intent to plunge Ghana into war and has audaciously been declaring them in his videos through fabrications and public incitements. As said in my previous publication, Ghanaians are not proactive but reactive. We are waiting for the harm to be caused before we react in search of solutions by which time it may be too late.

He gleefully seriously tags Jane Mensah as a slave queen appointed to head the Electoral Commission. How and why is she a slave queen and who are her slaves? He continues to assert without the least shame that Jean Mensah cannot part with her party colours? What political party does she belong to and where are the proofs to confirm such reckless accusations levelled against her by the hallucinating Kevin Taylor so imbued with NDC madness?

Does this guy, Kevin Taylor, a one-eyed man in the land of the blind hence becoming the King, know that he can be sued for assassination of character by the woman if it were not that Ghana is a nation where sadly, laws are not enforced, and laws do not work satisfactorily as I have asserted in some of my recent publications?

Again, as childish as he is although in his mind’s eye, he is the most intelligent and wisest man in Ghana, he questions why Jane Mensah has unilaterally appointed an Information Technology (IT) Director to head the IT Department of the Electoral Commission. Why should Jane Mensah and her selected people want to have the PASSWORD to the Electoral Commission Systems, something Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan, [the man who at the Supreme Court could not define “Over Vote” and “No Verification No Vote (NVNV) – my emphasis, clearly eating back his sputum], and Charlotte Osei, did never ask for? He claims, she asking for the password means she wants to control what goes in and comes out of the systems. No wonder Kevin Taylor, although has embarked on what Ghanaians have lately coined as “Pull Him Down” malicious agenda, he is so little-minded and markedly incompetent going about it.

He cites, “Microsoft has administrator’s password to their software, why does she want to hand over the EC Information infrastructure password to only one person by collecting it from the Israeli company, Super Tech Ltd (STL) that has been handling the biometric database of the voters’ register for several years or since its inception? This explains it all, the utter ignorance and the stupidity of a Ghanaian who claims to know it all but in fact knows absolutely nothing.

Let me help give him some tutorials here as I have many friends who work in the IT Departments in various capacities as IT analysts hence I have insights into some of their jobs. When the manufacturer supplies you with a software, you are given a password to access it. Within your firm, you appoint certain persons, especially the heads or the managers of the various departments within the firm that may need to use the software to carry out their duties, as the administrators. They will be assigned different passwords as the administrator for that department. Then, they will also create passwords for the various individuals who will within the chain downwards be using the software. Once the individual is granted access to the software for the first time using the password created for him/her by the firm’s IT Department, the person is always advised to set up their own password after first accessing the software using the one created for them by the IT Department. The Manager or the Head of each department appointed as the administrator will then permit you access to certain documents at their own volition according to your job requirements.

With this little said, it should not be the manufacturer or the supplier of your IT equipment that must be the sole handler of the password to your systems. No, no, and no! The manufacturer can only remotely access your system with your permission and with you logging on your password which is unknown to them. This even only comes in for major repairs where it is only the manufacturer that can help. Does Kevin now know who we call administrators and how one becomes an administrator of a firm’s IT Infrastructure?

If we had not been stupid all this while, why should we as a buyer of IT Equipment and software not be able to access them but done by a foreigner? Is it not like having nuclear weapons installed in your country and permitting the foreign manufacturer and installer to continue to keep the password to the weapons usage instead of the President or the Prime Minister of the Nation or a nominated body in the country? Will the nation’s safety not be in the hands of the foreign manufacturer or installer holding the password to the nuclear weapons in which case the purpose of having the weapons could be compromised? Why should an outsider hold on to such a sensitive password without which and whom the buyer nation cannot use the equipment so purchased? With such ideas as postulated by Kevin Taylor, there is no wonder that Ghanaians are not progressing but overwhelmed with corruption, pandering to criminals, being denigrated by our white contemporaries and treated in some circles as subhuman.

From my years of experience gained staying in Europe and working, I have never come across a firm that has its IT Equipment’s password solely known to the foreign manufacturer doubling as the company contracted to manage them. It is only in Ghana. Am I wrong therefore to publish an article recently questioning if the black men, especially Ghanaians, are capable of managing their own affairs? From the nonsense being told by Kevin Taylor, the answer is a no!

“Ghanaian voters’ biometric data completely controlled by foreigners – EC laments” If you read the reasons as per the written and live video explanations by Jean Mensah as found below which I entreat the publishers to activate them for easy accessibility by the public readers, one will understand whether or not the Chair of the Electoral Commission is wrong in her actions taken. As I am conversant with how things work within the IT Department, I support the actions of Jean Mensah 100%. It is only selfish individuals who for what they stand to gain by their silly intentional throwing of dust into people’s eyes that will side with the nonsensical views espoused by Kevin Taylor, a traitor.


Kevin now questions why Mac Manu, the Campaign Manager of NPP in Election 2016 and Joseph Anokye, the IT Analyst assisting with the collation of polling stations results for NPP in Election 2016, were denied access to Kenya ahead of the Kenyan 2017 election when they had intended to go there to assist in some capacity of some sort? What proof has Kevin Taylor claiming that these two gentlemen had been denied access to Kenya because of the American Security raising the red flag of their involvement in hacking Ghana’s electoral machines in 2016 election? He claims Mac Manu and Joseph Anokye were meddling in the Kenya’s election. If his allegation is anything to go by, why did he not submit the evidence to the Kenyan authority for them to be arrested and arraigned?

Finally, he claims Anokye hacked the Electoral Commission’s computers to tilt the results in favour of the NPP. I have never come across a stupid person like Kevin Taylor and his ilk making wild allegations bordering on criminality yet, are without the balls to take the perpetrators to court. Do they know that it is a crime to hack any computer let alone, sensitive computers like those of the Electoral Commission? If they are very convinced and have the evidence that Anokye by virtue of being once an IT Analyst at NASA in America had hacked the computers of the EC, he must prefer criminal charges against him. As said by Asiedu Nketiah, “Every fool can go to court”

He concludes by saying Anokye has been rewarded with the post of the Boss of the National Communications Authority (NCA) for successfully hacking the computers of the Electoral Commission to the advantage of the NPP. Why should he not sue Anokye if he has any evidence to substantiate his allegation? Does he know that Anokye has every right to, and can, sue him for character assassination for his stupid adventure of meandering in the wilderness with his treacherous Friday Editorials?

There is a saying that “When you spot a stump that has the likelihood to injure you, you do not sharpen it but uproot it”. Therefore, those people and institutions that are on constant reckless attacks by Kevin Taylor had better take him to court to substantiate his allegations against them before it gets out of hand. The more you give him the leeway or unfettered freedom to tarnish your reputation, the harder it becomes for you to redeem your image later on.

Rockson Adofo

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