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Abena Agyeman-Bugyei Put Smiles On Silverline Academy Students With A Donation Of New Library !

When one is passionate about an endeavor, success becomes the ultimate goal! So was the case for Abena Agyeman-Bugyei when she decided on Thanksgiving Day, 2018, to channel resources for her annual birthday party in January to mobilize and send books to Ghana! She called on her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Agyeman, who were then residing at Accra, Ghana, to find a suitable school for her benevolent project! Silverline academy at Abokobi, Accra, became the envious beneficiary of Abana’s passion and philanthropy! Two thousand books (2000) and new bookshelves were officially presented to the school on May 30, 2019! The total cost of the project is over GHC 25,000.00.

Upon her decision to give back, Abena appealed to institutions, friends and family on Facebook and other social media for donations of books and money, for students in pre-K through 6th grade.
Her vision is to invest and empower the younger generation in Ghana by giving them access to knowledge through reading and education when she said that “ education must be a human right for every child, the more you read the more you grow! You don’t have to travel to know everything, you can travel through books and acquire a lot of knowledge”.

“This is the beginning of more of such projects to come. We ask our sponsors and others to join us to enrich, empower and educate our youth back home”, Abena Agyeman-Bugyei promised and appealed to all. “By focusing on education, we hope to provide a brighter future for not only the beneficiaries but also for generations to come” Abena Agyeman-Bugyei stated philosophically.
She expressed her sincere thanks to all those who assisted in various ways to make this year’s project a success.
The students and teachers of the school extend their appreciation to Abena Agyeman-Bugyei, her family , friends and the people of Chicago who made this donation possible.

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