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Ghana’s debt stock nears GHC200bn


Ghana’s total public debt is now US$38.9 billion (GHC198 billion), GHC2 billion shy of GHC200 billion as of March 2019, the Bank of Ghana’s Summary of Economic and Financial Data – May 2019, has shown.

It represents 57.5 per cent of Ghana’s GDP as of March 2019.

In January this year, the total public debt was GHS176.6 billion (US$35.7 billion) and GHC180.7 billion (US$35 billion) for February.

The figure for January and February represented 51.3 per cent and 52.5 per cent of GDP.

A total of GHC21.4 billion was added to the public debt in the first three months of 2019.

The current debt is inclusive of the US$3 billion Eurobond issued by the government in March this year.

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