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The Church of the Ghanaian Community Honors Women In The Church.

Chicago IL May 12 2019: Mother’s Day is the day set aside to honor women and make them feel extra special either in the church or communities across the globe. There are also mom-specific activities to celebrate mothers. The day is the third biggest Sunday service of the year in most churches. More people attend church on Mother’s Day than any Sunday apart from Easter and Christmas. The church of the Ghanaian community in Chicago would not be left out again this year as they created a joyful and special Mother’s Day experience on Sunday May 12 2019 to honor the women in the church. The men in the church acknowledged and celebrated the women as they organized a sumptuous reception with a variety of Ghanaian food and cake. The ladies were also given a rose flower each whilst the popular “sweet mother” music by Prince Nico Mbarga blasted off the speakers.

The service was entirely conducted by the ladies. Poised, the preacher for the day, Rosemary Amegashie, delivered a powerful message of hope and salvation that touched the hearts of the congregants. She  cited some of the great and remarkable women in the bible who are worthy for all mothers to emulate. She recalled that Deborah brought 40 years of peace to Israel whilst Esther was very prayerful and sacrificed for her people; and Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a vessel of honor God used to bring salvation to the world!

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