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Togbui Afede XIV

Ghana-Togo: Ewe Chiefdom called to overcome the colonial barriers


Ghana – Accra- The Ewe , the language community which is found in southern Togo , Ghana and Benin as well as those in the diaspora , met this weekend Notsé Togo to celebrate the 57th edition the traditional festival ” Agbogboza .”

On this occasion, Togbui Afede XIV, the Head of State in Ho Asogli and also the Head of the Regional House of Chiefs in the Volta Region in Ghana argued that relations between Ghana and Togo exceed the colonial partition artificial and formal . For Togbui Afede XIV initiative will demonstrate concrete socio- economic ties between the famous country.

Togbui Afede made ​​the call last Saturday at the apotheosis of Agbogboza party, feast attended by Faure Gnassingbe , the Togolese President, members of his government , personalities of the Togolese political class , traditional authorities Ghana and Benin and the Ewe in the diaspora.

In his address , the Chief of State Asogli Ho noted the existence of colonial barriers that have a distinction between the two countries and beyond the difficulties of trade between the fraternal peoples . And about these barriers , it will be noted that the protocols of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS ) are barriers to trade, free movement of people and goods in this space.

In order to restore the pre- colonial values ​​, Togbui Afede XIV recommended that Ghana and Togo redefine their socio- economic relations and the two countries are working towards a strategic partnership with the traditional authorities of the two countries with the aim of facilitating border flow of people, goods and services.

For youth development , Togbui Afede XIV requested that interest be given to this section of the population so that it can ensure its development away from all vices.

Besides Ghana and Togo , the Head of State of traditional Asogli revealed that he intends to establish a collaboration with traditional authorities Ewe language of Ghana, Togo and Benin to use the traditional leadership as a catalyst for socio -economic growth and change.

For its part, Togbui Agokoli IV pleaded for language teaching in primary Ewe at the University but also promoting its development because it is an asset and an identity for the community.

Agbogboza reunion is a time during which the Ewe community celebrates the first fruits of the yam. It marks the commemoration of the exodus from Ewe people in the seventeenth century. For the organizers, Agbogboza 2013 to strengthen the unity of the Ewe people and promote cultural values ​​aims . According to the groups , the Ewe were gone Oyo Nigeria and subsequently emigrated to Benin, Togo and Ghana.