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This Grill Trike is the raddest BBQ on three wheels, and it could be yours !

First came the wheel. Then some genius put three of them on the same vehicle. Then we realized that it was fun to ride, but we weren’t able to whip up huge platters of smoked meats wherever we went on it. Enter: THE GRILL TRIKE.

Essentially, this bad boy/pinnacle of tricycle evolution is a three-wheeled BBQ party machine that allows you to bring the ability to grill with you wherever you go. You’ll be the toast of every town you roll through, spreading joy and BBQ sauce wherever you go. Or you could, y’know, just use it to throw cookouts with your friends. Your call.

Either way, we convinced the visionary who created this sucker to offer it up to the public on eBay for bidding (or to buy for the low, low price of $2000) for local pick-up in the San Francisco area, so act quickly and you could live out your fantasy of becoming your own food truck trike. Check out the specs below:


The trike itself is a Torker Tristar HD that’s been modified with an electric motor that’s as powerful as any other e-bike on the road. It’s battery-powered and has regenerative braking. You know, that.


The trailer includes speakers (one amp, two component speakers, and a crazy subwoofer), meaning you can listen to plenty of your favorite collegiate a cappella group as you grill up some ribs. Or some other type of music (but why would you even want to?!).

The grill itself is a Fiesta 25,000 BTU 2-Burner Gas Grill with a 20lb propane tank that would make Hank Hill weep. There are dome-covered condiment trays affixed to the plastic table-topped work area, and a storage bin beneath the whole shebang, with a full-size cooler for not-as-hot foods and drinks. Yeah. This thing is loaded. GET BIDDING, FOLKS.