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Aggrieved Man “Commands “Cows To Disobey Herdsmen At Ayikai Doblo !

The villagers  of Ayikai Doblo , near Amasaman , in the Ga rural area were held to a spellbinding and unnatural occurrence  when a number of cows , about 50 , refused the orders of its herdsmen !The cause of the unusual spectacle was  that one Papa Ahadzie, a native of Nogokpo in the Volta Region , residing in Ayikai Doblo  after numerous complaints of cows parading and using his house as a place of convenience and pathway went unheeded,  decided to take matters into his own hands .  Making matters worse that day , the herdsmen attempted to beat the hell out of him. Papa claimed he therefore had no choice than to cast a spell on the cows . Moments after he was heard chanting in ewe , the animals refused orders from the herdsmen to move out of the house. This attracted a large crowd of onlookers. 

No amount of canning or  calls would make the animals move or  leave the house . Sensing danger at this point , the herdsmen started apologizing to  Papa,  but he would not yield his stand to spiritually  keep the animals in his house.  The owner of the cows was summoned to personally  apologize and pacify Papa with drinks and money before the spell was removed ! After that, the cows  heeded to the calls of the herdsmen once again and left Mr.Ahadzie’s  house peacefully! 

An elder in the village , Nii  Otu,  in response to our reporters question  indicated that he has never seen such a phenomenon  in his entire life .  He is 82 years old! 

A 45 year resident of Ayikai Doblo  , Mr.Okai also noted that trespassing herds  on their farms and homes has been a long standing problem!

“ After destroying our  crops  , these herds come to  our houses, leaving behind cow dungs and a lot of mess” , Madam Okailey , 56 , noted. She urged the authorities to do something about the situation. 

Source : Nii Dzan  , Afuaman . 

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