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Group Nduom and ISF Bank at Ghanafest 2016

Ghanafest 2019 is a two-day fiesta !

Chicago IL March 3 2019 : Gird your loins and start preparations towards the most spectacular Ghanaian festival in the diaspora GhanafestTM, Chicago. 18 years after the first two-day Ghanafest celebrations, the answers of die-hard attendees has finally been answered as the organizers,the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago, GNC, at their monthly general meeting, approved this years festival for July 27 and 28 respectively. There is no better getaway to spend the summer weekend with your family and friends as July winds down than at the super laced cultural exposition in Chicago. Another extra day means after witnessing the best display of culture one can ask for, attendees will have a bonus day of picnic style celebration where gospel and other music super stars from Ghana and Chicago will thrill fans with continued smashing display of talent and extensive music. Its going to be a new experience all together as the organizers have pledge to change the face and experience of the festival all together for the best enjoyment of their patrons. You really do not want to miss out on this gargantuan celebrations.

JJ and Asabea Cropper in Chicago (2006)

JJ Rawlings & Asabea Cropper @ Ghanafest 2006, Chicago.


His Excellency Lt. General Smith , Rtd. and Dr. Nduom @ Ghanafest 2016

Mrs Beatrice Mensah Tayui, chairwoman of Ghanafest 2015.

Shatta Wale on Stage at Chicago’s Ghanafest!

Picture: Diaspora Ghanaian chief greeting a chief from Ghana @ Ghanafest in Chicago.

Dr. and Mrs Agyei @ Ghanafest

President Antwi-Nsiah with Mic and his V.P Paa Kwesi Sam.

File photo: Dancer at Ghanafest 2014

ghanafest youth

Ghanafest mass

Ambassador Smith Greeting Togbe Addo @ Ghanafest 2015

From Lt. Mrs.. Smith,Lt. General Rtd. Smith , Mrs. Nsiah and Mr. Nsiah


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