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Sankofa :Anas deserves an honour monument – Ocquaye

This news was first published on on Saturday, 2 March 2019

Investigative Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas deserves a national monument in his honour, former second deputy speaker of parliament, Prof Mike Ocquaye has said.

“…This is a man, who, I believe has dedicated his life to society [in] unearthing the truth.”

“If he dies, he’ll die a hero,” the former Dome-Kwabenya legislator said; adding, “These are the people we’ll want to give national honours to; make a monument in their memory, so, personally, I respect him,” the former political science lecturer said in an interview with Starr 103.5 FM on Wednesday.

Mr Aremeyaw Anas is currently the talk of the entire country after exposing corruption within Ghana’s judiciary with concrete audiovisual evidence, which he obtained through a two-year undercover endeavour.

The over 500-hour footage – which he has put together into a documentary that was premiered on Tuesday – captured 34 Judges (both of the lower and higher courts), either negotiating, or receiving bribes, to free criminals, in different circumstances, over different cases.

The implicated judges include 22 magistrates and 12 Justices of the High Court.

One of the Judges, Justice Paul Uuter Dery, earlier filed an application, through which he sought to have the court put an injunction on the screening of the documentary, but his lawyers withdrew the suit on the day of the screening of the document.

The twenty-two magistrates have been suspended by the Chief Justice, as a five-member committee set up by the Judicial Council investigates their conduct.

Fourteen of the 22 have filed a writ seeking an interlocutory injunction on the committee’s hearing. They argue that the disciplinary action launched against them is not lawful.

The 12 Justices are also fighting, through the courts, the evidence and impeachment processes against them by the Chief Justice.

Some people who watched the documentary on Tuesday expressed shock at how the Judges could stoop so low in their quest to pervert justice.

Source: Class FM

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