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Ghanaian Musician Kofi Nti Lives Up To Media Hype ……

The Okuapemman Fekuw Annual Live Dinner Dance, held at the Ukrainian Cultural Center, was a truly memorable event. It was an evening filled with joy, celebration, and a deep sense of community.

One of the highlights of the night was the showcase of the incredible developments made for the School of the Blind in Akropong. The Okuapemman Association demonstrated their unwavering commitment to supporting education and empowerment for visually impaired individuals. It was inspiring to witness the progress made in creating a more inclusive and accessible learning environment.

The ambiance of the event was set by the enchanting sounds of highlife music. The talented Nyansopo Band took the stage and delivered an exceptional performance, playing songs from renowned artists like Pat Thomas, C.K Mann, Amakye Dede and many others. The audience was mesmerized by the musicians’ skill and the infectious energy that filled the room.

The lineup of talented musicians was truly remarkable. Mr. Kofi Cromwell, Mr. Kofi Hanson, Mr. Joseph Sarpong, Mr. Pappa, Michael, Mr. Ebenezer Bekoe, and other gifted artists graced the stage, creating an unforgettable musical experience. Their passion and talent shone through each note, captivating the audience and creating an atmosphere of pure joy.

However, the highlight of the night belonged to Mr. Kofi Nti. His performance was nothing short of sensational, captivating the entire room and getting everyone on their feet. The infectious rhythm and irresistible beats had everyone dancing throughout the night. It was a moment of pure bliss, as the music brought people together, embracing our culture.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the artists, organizers, and attendees who made this event possible. The success of the evening is a testament to the collective effort and commitment towards creating a brighter future for the visually impaired community. Let’s continue to support and celebrate initiatives that uplift and empower others.

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Source : Dr. Eunice Cromwell :Pictures Emefa Hadzide

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