Mahama has boosted the confidence of women in Ghana politics – Ghana Diaspora Women

Source: Marie Amoakwa-Boadu, Contributor

As part of the widespread conversation on the lack of adequate women’s participation and representation in politics in Ghana despite the fact that women make up 52% of the population, it is with great excitement that Ghana Diaspora Women Organisation sends our message of congratulations to Professor Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang as Running Mate to H.E. President John Dramani Mahama for the 2020 election.

Symbolically, it is important to have equal representation of women in the parliament of Ghana since women form the majority of the population of the country. It is rather disheartening that in Ghana out of two hundred-odd seats in the Parliament only about thirty-six are occupied by women.

As a nation, we must realize sooner rather than later that this low representation of women in governance has had a knock-on effect on our national development and this needs to be ratified by all citizens above the age of eighteen pushing for the Affirmative Action Bill to be finalized and passed per our constitution so that discrimination against women will be minimized drastically.

Therefore, the news of Professor Opoku–Agyemang’s nomination to this high ranking office as potential Vice-President is welcomed with great delight and we know that it will definitely boost the confidence of our current female politicians and also aspiring females for the future.

For these reasons devoid of our non-partisan stance as an organization, we had to celebrate the news and wish her the absolute best on this new journey.

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