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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024: A Call to Action-

As we mark International Women’s Day today, March 8, 2024, we support the global theme of #InspireInclusion. We believe that the day set aside to honor and celebrate the remarkable achievements of women should also spur us to a powerful call for action to create a more inclusive world for women of all races across the globe.

The day has been observed since 1911 which first honored women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements while acknowledging the daily challenges women endure daily. Therefore, gender discrimination noticed almost a century ago when this day was first observed, continue to exist despite the many assurances and work towards eradicating this canker.

We encourage all countries to break down all barriers, eliminate stereotypes, and promote environments where all women are valued, respected, and given every opportunity their male counterparts enjoy. It’s a cue that inclusion is not just about being acknowledged; it’s about being appreciated, empowered, and treated equally.

Despite substantial advances, women still face hurdles in equal pay and leadership positions. For example, in the United States, women earned 83 cents for every dollar men earned two years ago. Globally, women’s average disposable income is even worse. It remains 31% lower than that of their male counterparts.

Nations must recognize the distinct perspectives and contributions of women from all walks of life, including those from deprived communities around the globe. We build a better world for all by inspiring others to acknowledge and value women’s rights.

Posting supportive messages on social media or advocating for policies that promote gender equality go a long way to supporting women’s courses. Every step in this direction counts towards creating a society that values and uplifts every woman.

International Women’s Day is a day of thought, support, and action that goes a long way towards ending gender inequality. We should use the opportunity and all tools at our disposal to fully back the #InspireInclusion and work towards a future where every woman’s achievements are celebrated and her rights sustained.

We at honor all women this day and call people across the globe to do so.

Obaatanpa Abena Acheamponmaa (Winefred Adjei)
Nana Afua Dansoaa I, Queenmother, Fante Benevolent Society.
Mion Suhudoo Naa Dr. Habiba Seidu-Fuseini, Queenmother of Ghana Northern Union.
Manye Amachoe Ablade I, (Mrs. Juliet Owusu) Chicago GaDangme Manye
Mama Nunyati I ( Deborah A. Sackor) The New Queenmother of the Ewe Association of Metropolitan Chicago.
Mmbaba hemaa , Abena Asi (Doreen Korang)
Mama Sedudzi I ( Empress Mawusi ) Dusime Mama of the Ewe Association of Metropolitan Chicago.
Mama Semekor I ( Rita Fiadzoe-Tawiah) Miame Mama of the Ewe Association of Metropolitan Chicago.
Mama Edzeani Dumenu (Esi Dumenu)

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