Is this the next Mike Tyson? Daniel Dubois – Destructive Power in Boxing!

Since the first fight in the professional ring in 2017, the British boxing hopes Daniel Dubois, also known as Dynamite, has managed to become one of the leading knockouts in the heavyweight category. Despite the quick start in professionals, the Briton managed to prove to everyone that, in addition to quick knockouts, he was also able to show smart boxing at a full distance. Dubois continues to this day to beat any opponents who do not give them the slightest chance. Is it a new growing star in the heavyweight ?! After the recent Japanese Kyotaro Fujimoto defeat, let’s look at a few examples of the destructive power of Dynamite – Daniel Dubois. Instagram: ►… Facebook: ►… The World of Boxing! ES [El Mundo Del Boxeo!]: ►… The World of Boxing! RU [Мир Бокса]: ►… #Boxing #DanielDubois

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