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Ghana Card as sole ID for voter registration bogus — Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong, a New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer aspirant has opposed the proposed Constitu­tional Instrument (CI) which seeks to make the Ghana Card the sole document for the purpose of registration as a voter.

As part of measures to up his opposition to the CI, the vociferous MP described the decision by the Electoral Commission (EC) as bogus.

In an interview on Kumasi-based Sompa FM, he said “For Americans, even Ghanaians who have naturalized, they are so proud to hold an American passport. Ghana has people taking bogus decisions and I wonder about those who sit there and take such decisions.

“That a whole Ghana passport, you claim that to register to vote, we won’t allow the use of the Ghana passport, we have lost our identity to National Identification, what?”

Earlier, the Chairperson of the EC, Mrs. Jean Adukwei Mensa briefed Parliament on the CI.

Mrs. Mensa told Parliament’s Committee that contrary to the fears of the Minority, the proposed CI would rather enhance the credibility of the Ghanaian voters’ register.

She said it would engender confidence in the electoral process and make the registration of vot­ers a continuous one.

“I wish to emphasize that this CI and its provisions are not aimed at disenfranchising eligible Ghanaians.

“The continuous registration process will be inclusive as it will make it possible to capture all those who would otherwise have been excluded in a Limit­ed Registration Process.

“The use of the Ghana Card as the sole means of identifica­tion will prevent foreigners and minors from getting onto our voters register.

“More especially it will pre­vent unqualified persons from influencing our elections and having a say as to who should govern our country,” she told the Committee,” she stated.

But Kennedy Agyapong rejected Jean Mensa’s explanation that a lot of non-Ghanaians are holding Ghanaian passport.


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