Stranded Ghanaians Head Home From Newark Airport.


The first batch of stranded Ghanaian evacuees from the United States left the Liberty International Airport in Newark for Accra today. The flight was arranged by the Consulate-General in New York and The Ghana Embassy in Washington DC for citizens of Ghana in the US who are registered with the Consulate-General and the Embassy.

Two hundred and Eighty-Five Ghanaians were on board the maiden flight . The airfare for the flight was $1,350 and $2840 for Economy and Business classes respectively. Each passenger was allowed two pieces of luggage weighing 50lbs or 22 kilos.

There was also a pre-boarding screening for COVID-19 of all evacuees before departure. All the passengers were required to provide their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the flight.The evacuees will be quarantined upon arrival in Accra for a mandatory 14 days with the possibility of an extension to 21 days.

Earlier reports that indicated that the cost of their quarantine either at Kempinski Hotel (¢650) or the Africa Regent hotel (¢550) will be borne by the evacuees were confirmed. Some of the passengers interviewed confirmed that they had to show proof of payment for their quarantine to the authorities before they were allowed to leave. Majority of the passengers paid glowing tribute to the Government of Ghana and all those involved in the arrangement to get them back home.Ghanaian officials in the US intimated that there may be more flights in the offing.

Source: Bedzra Dzokoto

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