Thanksgiving Message By CEANA PRO, Mr.Steve Dei .

Thanksgiving Message!!!

Fellow COR members, on behalf of the President and the entire Executives, I would like to wish you and yours a very Happy and safe Thanksgiving.

As we gather to celebrate one of the biggest family festivity in the US, giving thanks for various reasons for which we’re most grateful, let’s not forget the less fortunate ones amongst us and most especially those of our brothers and sisters back home in the Eweland.

Adutor Nurses Staff Quarters- constructed by CEANA recently .

Let us use this Thanksgiving festivities to rededicated ourselves to the core principles and mission of CEANA

  • Facilitate collaboration and networking among Ewes in North America (USA &Canada).
  • Assist deprived communities through the facilitation of projects that target poverty alleviation, e.g. schools, health facilities, and potable water facilities.
  • Provide educational assistance to deserving students to enhance their opportunities for career and leadership development.
  • Promote small-scale entrepreneurship in rural communities of Eweland.

CEANA has come a long way due in part to your dedication, sacrifices, hard work and benevolence over the years.
We’ve as a group achieved so much within the last few years, but still have much more to do, for which we can all be most grateful and thankful.
Let’s take this moment to enjoy the festivities with friends and family as we look forward to Atlanta 2023.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Steve Dei.

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