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Sounds and Voices From the CGC’s 25th  Anniversary Celebrations.

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The Council of Ghanaian Churches (CGC) recently celebrated its 25th anniversary at Key Way to Heaven Ministries in Chicago. From a modest beginning of three-member churches 25 years ago, the CGC has grown into colossal 24-strong member churches and ministries extending from Chicago to Bolingbrook.

Doctor Isaac Paintsil was the Keynote speaker at the colorful celebrations. He centered his remarks around the Theme “Devine Transition”. He stated that after 25 years, there should be a transition to the next generation of leaders. The baton should be handed over to the person the Lord has ordained to take over. He noted that there should be a formal gathering to honor and celebrate the works of the previous generation in the Ghanaian community. Names like the Mayor, Boafo Papafio, who has been the only emcee in the community for many years, came to his attention. He also mentioned Rose Amonoo, Reverend Dr. Kofi Noonoo, and many others. He noted that Rose Amonoo sang the Ghana National Anthem at many community events, while Rev. Dr. Noonoo served the community by conducting marriages , dedication of children, burials, and many others.
He compared the transition from one generation to the other to the Jamaican sprint team that broke their individual hundred meters record in a 400-meters relay. “They couldn’t have run faster individually in hundred meters, but together in a relay, they did,” he said to emphasize his point. He used scriptures to further explain and mentioned prophets, teachers, and men of God such as John the Baptist , Paul, Jesus and others who did not run the entire race alone. They finished their courses and handed over the baton. “Apostle Paul said in 2 Timothy 4:7 – I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” , Dr. Paintsil pointed out.

He expressed concern that churches built around personality cults do not achieve the divine purpose. “Get everyone involved in the race; if you drop the baton in your generation, the race will never be won. But, on the other hand, if we all run the race, we will receive an award for the glory of the almighty God,” he pleaded aloud.

Dr. Paintsil also spoke about leadership when he said, “if you are a leader, you should be able to stand criticism. A leader doesn’t please everybody; else, you should sell ice cream.”

He applauded the legacy of Rev. Dr. Noonoo when he spoke of him as an epitome of maturity and leadership.

Others in the audience also noted that the CGC should find a way to involve member churches a lot more in their programs and activities. Also, the CGC should complete its bylaws and register appropriately with the state of Illinois and the federal government .

The President of the Ghana National Council, Paa Kwasi Sam, asked community members to support the efforts of the CGC and thanked its leadership for the services they have rendered to the community over the years.

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