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Surprise Birthday Party in honor of Kate Annang

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Magical tears of joy glittered on the cheeks of Kate Annang at a surprise birthday party held in her honor at Matteson Illinois. Even so brief, it reminded her of what is worth in life, great friends, who will go the extra mile to put a smile on your face when you most need it. Family and friends surprised Auntie Kate when she attended a “barbecue” party. Unknown to her, the function was in honor of her birthday. As if rehearsed, the crowd in unison, sang happy birthday when she walked in. The unusual reception overwhelmed her emotions and she totally broke down into tears of joy. It was all jubilant as the crowd cheered and danced with her all evening long. We bring to you, pictures of the celebrations!


  1. Ben Kodom-Ayensu

    Thanks for your hospitality.
    May the Lord continue His Blessings upon your Household.

  2. Jeanne Massah

    Oh, my mother. How beautiful. Happy belated birthday! I wish you the best! I wish I could have been apart of it!

  3. Abdul Rahman (Tanko)

    May God almighty continue to bless you with long life and good health. Happy birthday to you grandma.

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