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COGCC’s Awesome 2022 Mother’s Day Celebrations

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Out of a noble wish, church leaders desire to honor mothers and celebrate motherhood with announcements, particular prayers focused on Mothers, and sermons related to the qualities of an awesome mom. Most churches are filled as casual attendants find this day worthy to attend church, pray and celebrate their mothers, wives, etc.

For many, however, Mother’s Day is an awesome celebration of life and all the joys of being a parent. Many in praise of their partners will proudly say on this day that “my wife is a great mom to our kids or Mother’s Day is a joy in our house”. But Mother’s Day is also a mixed bag for others as they remember their moms, wives, and sisters who have passed away. On this day, many Ghanaian immigrants in Chicago, attend church services, and other social gatherings to celebrate the day reserved specially for women. Members of the Church of the Ghanaian community of Chicago, COGCC, a non-denominational church, are not left out in the celebrations.  The women’s ministry takes charge of all aspects of church service. From preaching to reading, announcements, etc. are exclusively handled by the ladies. The men’s ministry, on the other hand, uses the day to treat the ladies in a special way. The men give each lady a rose during the service and later serve them a delicious meal. This year, the men added hula dance garland artificial flowers to the handouts the ladies received. It was a remarkable sight to behold, as each lady had a garland gently placed around her neck beautifully and like a royal highness, walk to her seat.

The preacher, Mrs. Beatrice Asante, delivered a powerful message centered on Kindness and the blessings that come with it.
The message on behalf of the mens ministry reads “On behalf of the men’s fellowship, I thank all the women in this church for being there for us throughout the years.The words “Thank you” just doesn’t seem to have enough meaning to express the gratitude you all deserve.We really appreciate and understand the sacrifices and efforts behind what you do for not only your children but also for those who are not your biological children.
However, the “thank you” we think most befits you is the one you may never actually hear verbally. It’s the one God says He will give u when you hear the words described in Matthew 25:23, “Well done good and faithful servant” . Happy Mother’s Day .”

After service, members took time to pose to the cameras for pictures as they normally do. It was a memorable celebration as recounted by the majority of members in attendance.

Next Sunday, May 15, 2022, Reverend Emmanuel Betson, will be installed as the new Resident Pastor of the Church. The President of the Ghanaian Council of Churches, Reverend Dr. Kofi Noonoo, other leading ministers, community leaders, and the traditional council members are expected to grace the occasion and be appreciated.

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