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Nana Frema Busia: Motherhood Praise Perspective

We covet Weddings on high plains
But that often wanes!
Pregnancy, is a pain
Labour, like being slain
So we wail
Yet not frail
Is our reality refrain.

The toil is not in vain
Today, we count our gains
As we reclaim
The fruits of all our ails
Motherhood is a bittersweet jail
From which there is no bail
So we get due praise.

Some say we have failed
So let us follow the trail
Bringing up children is the tale That almost derail
This is the trial 
Over which We must prevail
Without delay or society pays
Even as we are Praised.

As we take pride in those decently raised
How about those tossed in  worldly waves
Paved with bad ways these days
How do we reclaim
Those who live in disdain
from being maimed?
This should be our main aim
As we train
we must the wild tame.

Our motherhood Flame
We must regain
This is our overall slate
Show children a great life-Gate
Not build a society of games
that we hate
And our labour erase.

The task is a relay race
For our daughters to replay
The motherhood space
It Is a complex lace
A deftly woven palace
In a high place
A colorful palate
That cannot be replaced
So keep up the pace
As we Godly children raise
For deserving Praise

It has been 9 months of tedium, myriad discomforts, of wrenching’s and cravings. Then that first vital kickstart that tells of burgeoning new life and the moment of delivery, when crescendos of pain sears the body apart.

But when we hold that baby, that mystery bundle of new life  in our arms, that essence of innocence in our charge and care, we look ourselves in the mirror of our heart, with an outpouring of love and gently nod, it is all worth it.

But it is not just about birthing, that is only the beginning.  It is about nurturing, it is about forming the character and values and principles of that new life, into an ethical human being with empathy and morals who contributes to society positively.

It is about a continuity of the redeemed life in cyclical mystery of generations of other mothers and fathers. 

So let us look around us today and begin to wrestle with our failures: of deep fractures; of weak human character that wreak havoc and show we are nowhere near our peak.

Let us posit those failures as societal failures, because we do not give birth by ourselves without our male counterparts, who are principals, but often become negative principalities!

As we celebrate fully, let us wholly consider what is unruly,
Including rueful, ruthless and clueless  leaders without merit and systemic strictures that downgrade us as women and hail us as mothers, conflicting our existence. We give birth to light and darkness? 

We break our saddled backs with untold miseries to  bring up those who excel with dignity; treasures without measure. Then, those who have become treacherous with  leisure; who require  good teaching censure, in spite of our  stretching efforts. There are  also monsters who stampede, even criminals who parade as cardinals? Do we accept the successes and disown  the fallouts?

Is it all our fault when we have been so lowly as to have to be empowered, by those who suppress us? our masters we give birth to? What has gone  wrong in the nurturing code? That is a dilemma to unravel.

What has happened to the divine calling on motherhood with a cleaving husband, raising “Holy” children. Yet  husbands  bolt out the door with some coupling with themselves, and parading it on  high street. What has happened to the village it takes to raise a child? I am looking for it. Please help me find it. Are there male enforcers in it ?

Is  the vagabond, not the child, now adullt, we singlehandedly could not readily direct, who took their cues from the missing father and now vent their anger on us all?  Can amazon mothers do it all alone? Is it true that we play mother, father and  bread- winner, demasculating our partners with disrespect? Is it true that  when some fathers are present, they are absent with their important pre-occupations and give us no respite?

Something is not quite adding up, so after our  resounding sweet mother calls, that will reverberate  the world over, let us do an audit and resolve to do even better. Let us rein in the ‘I am aware sakawa” boys and gilrs, in fast lane cash terrains. Let us not think we can  reach our best,  or rest, in this  ever- challenging motherhood enterprise.

As women and as mothers  we have broken through cold mediocrity frontiers of old, that froze us in hidden tracts. We have  grafted paths into uncharterd territories anew.

As  mothers we must fight against  wrongs,  stand our ground for justice, pinpoint our failings and correct them in humility with dignity. To do this, we must challenge ourselves  to live wholesome, to see truthfully even if tearfuIly. We are the examples we must set. We must  overcome blemishes so that we can speak with genuine voices in wisdom.

We must not depend solely on our feminity or Africaness. We must take the good cultural values  in “sankofa” and wean out the thrash which engulf the  psyche, as we face the confrontation: that we have not  properly raised the generations. We must also go to God and pray for help and direction and not let our strength wane in despondency.

As we celebrate fully, let us wholly consider what is unruly,
Including rueful, ruthless and clueless  leaders who Refuse  motherhood counsel and Diffuse our good Influence. We must find Refuge, in a Truth  Confluence, and bolster the motherhood imperative with courage and tenacity. We  must give sound unflinching advise as we nurture as is our nature.

We have a charge to keep, we must discard the Eve principle  at Eden. That overstepping of  divine instruction, into pursuit of things forbidden that  lead us into satan’s temptations of worldly fineries, so that we forget our divine nurturing duty.

We must not relinquish our duty of care, for the child in our arms, both the male and female child who will become the next generation of husbands and wives and mothers and fathers and leaders.  We can ill -afford   leaders running amok in cyclical misdirection and futility. We  must resubmit them to a precipice of family and humane values.

We have come too far now to  loose the plot. We have  endured  Witch hunts, mutilation of sexual parts,  beatings to control our tagged ‘excesses’ and ‘weaknesses’ and varied mishaps that keep us trapped.

We  must  now  be  Renewed  in a school of greatness, which whistles virtues through  the  virgin Mary epistle, that has led us on a path of deliverance, to a higher imperative of that perfect infant child, who is our model for nurtured  humanity. A masculinity that is tender  love, and teaches love as a recipe and cure for governance on earth and in the home in  a common – humanity module.

Let us enjoy Sweet Mother songs. Let the chiming rhymes give us  our deserving bathing in the sun. Let motherhood rhythms  cleanse  our many faceted wounds, as we blaze new paths and tell our truths,  to ears that will listen and bring us comforting balm. Let our children do us no harm We have had a harrowing past,  and made progress that ought to last. We  need the support and  collaboration of good  Fathers, as well as all our chidren as  we forge ahead to new motherhood heights.

Love is the resolute  humanity challenge  and we have it in a sacred motherhood  bond in abundance.  Love is the divine manual of worldly sustenance,  and we as mothers are central to that creative love cycle, of growth and renewal. We are the essence of life. We deserve the applause and the day devoted to that remembrance.

Dear mother, can you come with me to strart anew, not from a fouled Ground, but from midfield, with energetic fuel to build a better ethical society all Around,  where love is the model  to make us trully Proud before humanity sink Aground?

Happy Mothers Day

Copyright May 9, 2021

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