Dr. Ishmael Dodoo writes: Ghana needs vision, not promises

The independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it was linked to the total liberation of the Republic…emphasis mine. At the dawn of independence in 1957, the Republic was touted to become one of peace, tranquility, riches and prosperity. The Ghanaian was highly revered internationally. Indeed, the occasion at the Black […]


Ghana Tradefair Company & The Fantasy Dome Demolition:Another David Adjaye Dream, Fantasy or NIGHTMARE.

Picture: Credit 3 News My maternal UNCLE, EMMANUEL YEMOH, a La indigenous businessman, died recently in London after losing the battle with ill-health following the demolition of his decades-old Cold Store business at the Tradefair… My good friend, Raymond ARCHER, a young Ghanaian Journalist and entrepreneur, had his multi-million dollar […]


32 years sober today

Yes, back when I was in college a psychologist diagnosed me as an alcoholic. At first I thought it was a huge obstacle in my life which I would never overcome. But with time I realized that diagnosis made me free of my chains of alcoholism. Drinking when you are […]