From Citizen Vigilante To A Sleeping Spectator: The Wasteful ‘unspecial’ Prosecutor’s Office

Geolawyer Writes………………..By Geography lawyer Amadu Hadi The hopes, anxieties and expectations that engulfed Ghanaians prior to and after the establishment of the special prosecutor’s office have been shattered by the redundant nature of the special prosecutor in dealing with the mountainous corruption-related cases in Ghana. MARTIN ALIMISI BURNES KAISER AMIDU is […]


The Lie We Live—Part 1

At this moment you could be anywhere, doing anything. Instead, you sit alone before a screen, reading working or learning. So, what is stopping us from doing what we want, or being where we want to be? Each day we wake up in the same room and follow the same […]


The Lie We Live—Part 2

By Stacy M. Amewoyi How quickly we forget that, only from the past hundred years that we allowed our women to vote, allow blacks to live as equals or gave attention for some rights to be established. We act as if we are all-knowing beings, yet there is much we fail […]