A new office of the Special Prosecutor

The factors and reasons that Mr. Martin Amidu often cited as the push factors leading to his reasons have not been identified properly and resolved or address. The attitudes of the appointees of government with regard to corruption might not have changed significantly. The President, as the leader of the […]


The Water And Galamsey Tango

WATER, they say, is life, and its importance is demonstrated by its delivery of nutrients to the body cells and making one feel full. Its legendary use for cooking and for washing cannot be discounted. In the past, our ancestors settled around rivers so as to get enough water for […]


Systems Upgrade Is Clearly the Problem

We often forget the fact that for the 20-year period that the late Chairman Jerry John Rawlings ran the country, first, as a maximum dictator of the military junta that was the Provisional National Defense Council (PNDC) and then, as the democratically elected President of the Sovereign Democratic Republic of […]