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Sankofa:Taming The Ghanaian State: Reforming Chieftaincy. Part 1

Part 1 INTRODUCTION: This article is an abridged and revised version of one I did under the title, “Taming the Ghanaian State, or What is Happening in Anlo,” which was posted on the closed Anlo forum, Anlosusutialawo, years back. It was an attempt to shed light on what happened in Anloga with respect to the Awoamefia succession dispute, leading to ...

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The Ghanaian Times 21st June, 2011 By Cameron Duodu After seven years at Asiakwa Presbyterian Primary and Middle Schools –years which I won’t neglect to tell you about in future instalments — I left (at what was then Standard Four or later, Middle Form One) to seek greener pastures at Kyebi Government School. Kyebi Government School had a fantastic reputation ...

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Why Effective Leaders Become Ineffective Before they Hand-Over


This article is one of the write-ups of Asante Krobea Elvis. It is not for sale and targeted to be read by all student leaders and anyone interested|. Introduction I have had the opportunity to lead people since the inception of my formal education; class captainin all the classes from stage one, School Prefect at the Basic level till Senior ...

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The honest truth: How alcohol affects your skin

Photo Credit: Chris Gramly/Getty Images; Paul Piebinga/Getty Images Source : Alcohol’s effect on your skin is similar to its effect on the rest of your body: it steals the good (hydration) and leaves the bad (dryness, bloating, redness). When you drink alcohol, it hinders the production of vasopressin — an anti-diuretic hormone. This causes your kidneys to work extra ...

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Ghana loses GH¢1bn from sale of 200 million litres of diesel – NPA

Source: Ghana is estimated to have lost about GH¢1billion from the sale of 200 million litres of diesel which could not be accounted for between 2015 and 2016. Although the said quantities of the product did not get to their intended destinations, the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) said the records available pointed to the fact that the trucks which ...

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African Democracies Are Indeed Tragic – Corruption – XXIX

Columnist: Tsikata, Prosper Yao Don’t Let Corruption Kill Development, UN Secretary-General Decadent Judiciary Executive interference in the judiciary is another worrying issue Ghana must deal with if the country is to make any headway on the democratic trajectory. The Kufour-led administration had set a bad precedent that indicates that criminal cases brought against political opponents are determined at the whims ...

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RULERS AND THE RULED: CONMEN, CROOKS, CHARLATANS, USURPERS AND IMPOSTORS IN POST-COLONIAL GHANA. PART 1 This is a nagging and an all-embracive topic which needed to be properly addressed, as I believe it spells out what ails Ghana since her flag independence. Unravelling the complex phenomena and tendency of Ghanaians to embrace and tolerate corruption and lawless behaviour to anomic ...

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The Tragedies of African Democracies – XVI

  By Prosper Yao Tsikata “Price Waterhouse, Single Spine Salary Structure, Gas Waterhouse, and Double or Triple Spine Salary Structure, it is circus with no end in sight.” Economics with Tears The title of this section derives from my high school fantasies with a basic economics textbook, “Economics without Tears.” Metaphorically, this book was to provide candidates sitting for the ...

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