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Will You Marry A Sex Worker?

By Adjei Boampong Justica Recently, I watched a movie which got me wondering. In the movie, a desperate guy wanted to get a wife. He combed through everywhere in search of the bone-of-his-bones but to no avail. In the end, he decided to confide in his pastor and friend. He fasted and prayed according to the leading of his pastor ...

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OBRONI’s Mind: I’m in love with my step son

Growing up, I dreamt of having a cute family. At most three kids with a peer. My husband must be 1-5 years older than me. Daddy was extremely caring. We dined, went shopping, church, parties etc together. He was my first port of call in times of distress. He was the first and last person I saw or spoke to ...

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11 Pieces Of Advice To Ghanaian Girls From Ghanaian Boys

By: Ofori-Mensah | 1 Day(s) ago for Where my girls girls dey? Akosua, Adwoa, Abena, Akua, Yaa, Afua and Ama, this one goes out to ya’ll. Yes, Ghanaian guys sometimes make your lives a little bit difficult, but they also care enough to dish out some essential advice. Responses collated from OMGVoice Facebook survey. 1. Stop worrying about your complexion, ...

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The truth about cybersex

Follow me into your real-life bedroom: you’ve packed the dishwasher after working half-day, picking up your two kids, overseeing homework, preparing dinner, and watching your husband collapse in front of the television. He is a traditionalist – or should we be frank and call him a relic from the dinosaur era in which men undermined women and believed they were ...

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How to break up with somebody without breaking their heart

Breakups suck. A lot. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news… especially when it involves telling the person you once had feelings for (or maybe still have feelings for) that your relationship is over.But unfortunately, breakups are a part of life. If you have to dump someone, here’s how to do it as painlessly as possible.If you’re ...

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Wardrobe Series: Shadows from the past

Author: Priscilla Kuukua Akonor Adwoa opened her wardrobe to pick an attire for the picnic on Saturday. .. While she looked through her stuff, a chunk of her clothing fell off inadvertently… She bent down to pick them up one after the other. In the process, she chanced on a greeting card she had received 5 years ago. She opened ...

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