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Going to the hospital to die

As a citizen of Ghana, I’m beginning to wonder whether there is any safety at all for citizens of this country. I still remember when my father was transferred from the Atoa government hospital to the Korle-bu Teaching hospital for further treatment after he was diagnosed of cancer of the lungs. I was getting ready to go and meet him ...

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  CeDI-Africa would like to draw the nation’s attention to some fundamental issues on the occasion of International Women’s Day today.   Physical assault on any human being is a crime under our criminal code. It does not become any less criminal if the assault is on a woman. Any attempt to make it less offensive and customarily accepted for ...

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Ghana, 56 and crying

The Akans have a saying that literally translates: “A man doesn’t cry”. What this implies is that, an adult must not cry no matter what. It will therefore be deemed shameful for an old man, and for that matter, a man with only 4 years into his retirement to be crying every other day for lack of amenities as basic ...

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Goodbye Chavez, America Never Knew You

News of Hugo Chavez’s death is spreading rapidly. In America, we can anticipate a large collection of articles noting his activities, articles that are nearly all a product of our American/corporate view of the world. These American articles will be mostly negative, a one-sided portrayal of a complex leader who was beloved by much of his country, admired by large ...

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An Open Letter to President Mahama; Merge Police, Prisons and Fire Service

Dear Sir, Letter to the President of Republic of Ghana (Merger of Police, Prisons and Fire Services) Mr. President, I am writing you this letter all in the spirit of contributing my quota towards achieving the Better Ghana Agenda. Mr. President you will agree with me that for us to achieve the better Ghana Agenda, all institutions must work harder; ...

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Ghana @ 56 – Early retirement and partying in the dark?

Exactly a week today, our beloved Ghana will be fifty six years old. Already, there are signs of an early retirement package and if we are able to afford it, then maybe, we can add some partying in the dark for mother Ghana. The invitation is to all, no boycotts would be entertained. Fifty sixth birthdays are often sober. They ...

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Beware of the Devil Incarnates within the NPP

There are people who outwardly belong in the NPP but inwardly, are agents of the NDC. No, I should have said, they are purely the devil incarnates. They are iron wrought NDC faithful masqueraded as NPP saints only to come and cause confusion in the party. The ulterior motive behind their actions is to bring NPP to her knees permanently. ...

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President Kufour’s Road Policy Hailed!

President Kufour

I dont bear anybody a grudge except the NDC evil voodoo developers who are ONLY interested in the Eastern Corridor–Tema -Akosombo- Asikuma -Hohoe- Damanko-Nkwanta-Bimbilla -Yendi–Kulungugu Road. They want to cut off Ashanti so they are not very much interested in the Central Corridor, Accra- Nsawam-Nkawkaw-Kumasi-Techiman Road, obviously the most trafficked highway in Ghana. Check up with the Ministry of Roads ...

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