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Local focus could prevent another useless debate

BY JESSE JACKSON October 18, 2016 The final presidential debate takes place Wednesday night in Las Vegas, the famed home of boxing, wrestling and MMA showdowns. Millions will tune in looking for another slugfest. But Las Vegas isn’t simply about boxing matches and casinos. The challenges faced by the city, the state and the region should inform the debate. Unfortunately, ...

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This is the incorruptible Akufo-Addo for you

Folks, the only claim that seems to be working well for the NPP’s Akufo-Addo in his campaign to have a third bite at the Presidential pie is that he is neither corrupt nor corruptible. He has trumpeted it all and left a trail for his buffs to hang on to as they project him as a saviour direly needed by ...

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Musing of a Ghanaian living abroad

Andy Kwawukume

I just returned from a short trip from Ghana. What I saw and heard indeed reinforced beyond my belief that uncivilised idiots and morons without a clue what the civilising process is and unconscionable “thieves and thiefettes” have been misruling Ghana, I must say, since independence. And I have first hand evidence, starting from the early ’60s. Ghanaians, in general, ...

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Continuing Riposte: Of fake degrees and journals – The inconvenient conversation African universities must have

The ongoing discourse on academic credentials and credible outlets for knowledge production and dissemination is not for “much ado about nothings,” who have absolutely nothing to contribute to the discourse in ways that challenge the status quo for the betterment of our educational prospects in UPSA, Ghana, and elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is an invitation to those who abhor ...

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The Inconvenient Conversation African Universities, not Only UPSA, Must Have

The ongoing discourse on the credibility of some doctoral degrees and the credibility of the institutions that confer them has exposed the vulnerability of our institutions—especially our educational institutions and their administrators to substandard academic practices, manipulation of academic processes, and the outright use of subterfuge by some individuals to buy space in our academic environments. Furthermore, it has also ...

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We wish to draw the attention of the Police Council of Ghana and the President of the Republic of Ghana to the continuous disregard for the legal instrument of the National Accreditation Board (NAB) by no mean a person of the land than the current Inspector General of Police (IGP) (Dr.) John Kudalor and his associates. Readers would appreciate our ...

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Re: UTAG’S Position On Recent Happenings At The University Of Professional Studies Accra (UPSA)

Prior to the circulation of this press release, some members of the University for Development Studies (UDS) branch of University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) appealed to the National Executive Council (NEC) of UTAG through the President of UDS UTAG to withhold the press release because we disagreed with its content. Despite our objection, NEC of UTAG went ahead to ...

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Rejoinder: UTAG’s Press Statement – Childish and Ridiculous!!!!

The recent press statement by the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) regarding the issues of accreditation, promotion of university lecturers in Ghana, and the publication of academic work by university lecturers does not only smack of a compromised position of UTAG Executive Council but it also reveals how some labor unions can be hijacked by their leaders and be ...

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