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Feature: Remembered – Cecil Jones Attuquayefio

Source: CECIL JONES ATTUQUAYEFIO: The first Conquest of Africa with HEARTS OF OAK. Cecil Jones Attuquayefio born on the 18th October, 1944 was a loyal servant of Accra Great Olympics -Hearts of Oak’s city rivals – but it was with HEARTS of OAK that he made his name as a coach. He died two years ago at the age ...

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Political Hypocrisy, The Consulting Room Perspectives

The usual of me, would have been, someone busily prescribing therapeutic medications for my numerous patients in a bid to heal or relieve long standing pain and suffering. However, I took to this dazzling social media to vent my spleen and communicate to the whole world my role in the next NDC government. I am tempted to say, the toothache ...

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Why Effective Leaders Become Ineffective Before they Hand-Over


This article is one of the write-ups of Asante Krobea Elvis. It is not for sale and targeted to be read by all student leaders and anyone interested|. Introduction I have had the opportunity to lead people since the inception of my formal education; class captainin all the classes from stage one, School Prefect at the Basic level till Senior ...

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Everything “Na”Double Double In Ghana

Everything naa “DOUBLE DOUBLE” !!!!! The politicians tell us so proudly of the roads they have constructed. But the rains come down to show us the type and quality of roads they speak so proudly of. Our city authorities tell us Accra is the millennium city and the former mayor, the best in Africa. A few hours of rainfall tell ...

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MANASSEH’S FOLDER: Of integrity, lawyers and corruption in Ghana – Manasseh’s speech to law students

Written by Manasseh Azure Awuni/ I have been asked to speak on the topic: “The Lawyer: A Key Player in Ensuring Integrity in Ghana’s Legal System”. However, I will want to alter the topic a little. I want to speak on “The Lawyer: A key player in ensuring integrity in Ghana.” I do not want to limit my presentation to ...

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Matters Arising after “being in comfortable lead”

Some news I heard last week, got me thinking for so many hours throughout the night into this morning, and forced me to ask myself and other comrades in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) some questions. For me, for whatever it may be worth, I do believe that we must be sincere with ourselves and realise sooner than later that ...

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A Great Piece of Art and a Great Deal of Free SHS Frenzy!

Whoever the artist who styles himself as Tilapia is, it is obvious he’s got talent and is most certainly making quite an impact. Like many Ghanaians, I found his latest cartoon on Free SHS particularly fascinating and even more I am intrigued by the quintessential Ghanaian sense of humor and wit that accompanies it’s further circulation. And by the way, ...

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Open letter to President Akuffo Addo!

Naklofen Duo Drug Information Dear President, I am a young mother of three children who just immigrated to the US. I have a bachelors degree from University of Ghana, Legon and currently pursuing another bachelors degree in nursing. I hope to venture into medicine and come home to serve our country Ghana, in the near future. You may be wondering ...

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